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Subj: G1 Battle scenario: G1 GRIMLOCK vs. GALVATRON
Posted: Wed Sep 23, 2015 at 09:48:25 pm EDT (Viewed 3 times)

In a small effort to bring some minor pulse of life back to this dead board, I will on occasion post a Generation 1 CARTOON battle scenario.

Starting off, the leader of the Dinobots from the old cartoon: GRIMLOCK, and his opponent: GALVATRON! (Simon Furman's favorite character)

So from the old cartoon who would win in such a fight?

Well, post movie Galvatron has lost some IQ points and is a berzerker. Grimlock was never the brightest circuit on the board and is also a fierce fighter.

Advantage: Galvatron as he is always in a rage after the movie with minor lucid moments such as the Episode Ultimate Weapon.

Strength: Grimlock was a match for Optimus Prime and Megatron, however Galvatron is a berzerker and was upgraded from Megatron by UNICRON.

Slight advantage to Galvatron

Durability: Galvatron survived for months after the movie soaking in a lava bath, his chips were fried due to a breach in his head from being hurled through Unicron by Rodimus Prime. Grimlock: easily withstands energy blasts when in dino mode and survived TRYPTICON falling on him with no damage.

Advantage: Grimlock

Weaponry: Galvatron's cannon can easily decimate targets that are not energy resistant and can overload and fry a bot to ash. ie; Starscream

Grimlock: energy sword and blaster, in dino mode has laser breath weapon

Slight advantage to Galvatron, however Grimlock in dino mode is heavily armored and can withstand energy blasts.

Conclusion: tough call to make, but we are talking about Galvatron having been recreated from Megatron and upgraded in the process by UNICRON. I would say Galvatron wins but if GRimlock can clamp his dino jaws on Galvatron and take a huge bite out of him, Galvatron would still fight on as he is a berzerker but he would be hard pressed to win.

Winner (barely): GALVATRON

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