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Subj: Nostalgic and cynical review of THE RETURN OF OPTIMUS PRIME
Posted: Thu Nov 26, 2015 at 08:51:39 pm EST (Viewed 11 times)

Okay so why was G1 Optimus Prime brought back?

1. Kids in the theater cried "wah! my favorite toy just died on the screen!" to their Mommies and Daddies

2. Optimus' spark/ghost is seen in the Matrix after the movie in Five Faces of Darkness when Rodimus is learning history of the Quintessons.

3. In Dark Awakening, Optimus is revived as an undead/zombie version of himself and fights Rodimus. Optimus fully revives thanks to the Matrix, returns it to Rodimus and goes off to sacrifice himself, despite being alive again. He's blown almost to smithereens before his ship rams into the trap and triggers the supernova that vaporizes him. To all present, Optimus Prime is indeed dead again.

We then get many episodes of Season 3 where Rodimus is sometimes confident and in charge and other times he is a whiner.

Meanwhile in the real world, Hasbro is suffering the wrath of parents everywhere regarding their "traumatized" kids and demand that action be taken. So Hasbro turns chicken and decides to appease the masses by bringing Optimus Prime back despite being clearly blown up and disintegrated in Dark Awakening.

Thus comes the Two Part: RETURN OF OPTIMUS PRIME.

Okay so much for no Spoilers in the TITLE. The title alone indicates he is coming back and that any dramatic tension in this story is false drama. From being saved from the super nova explosion in the experimental ship, to nearly being destroyed by the insane humans, to being unable to be revived without a Quintesson, it doesn't matter as this is the RETURN OF OPTIMUS PRIME.

Rodimus in the story is again a whiney brat. He is having visions of Optimus during his downtime and thinks it is Optimus telling him he is unworthy when it is really a warning cry for help from Optimus via the Matrix.

Rodimus learns of the spore plague and OPtimus' body being held by the humans and launches a strike force. his plan for the most part was sound but he didn't factor in that the human helping them would be betrayed by her family and thus the spores are released.

Autobot and Decepticon and Human are infested. Rodimus thinks only OPTIMUS can save them all......he doesn't even think that the MATRIX has the answers. So he orders Sky Lynx to get a Quintesson to revive Optmus Prime. After that he shuts down Metroplex, which was a wise move considering his size and fire power, but after that he gets infected and goes crazy with the rest of Earth and the galaxy.

LOGIC ERROR: the matrix was the cure and he is the chosen one and carries the MATRIX within him. Shouldn't he be immune to the plague?

So after a few hours of repair time with a Quintesson and some more false drama how if this final attempt doesn't work, Optimus will never live again, OPTIMUS PRIME ARISES and is back to life.

LOGIC ERROR: his body when found was shiny, intact despite the Dark Awakening episode, and not dull gray from being was he rebuilt and was he in stasis and not dead?

So, Optimus is briefed in the situation and has other Autobots struck down by Superion to be restored by the Quintesson. After a happy reunion they ask Optimus the big question "What's the plan?" Optimus' response "I.....have no plan!" he then states he was too used to the wisdom of the ancients in the matrix helping him to make plans and that he is confident that once he regains the Matrix he can stop the plague.

The human then points out that the metal that can shield Op was taken by the Decepticons so they launch a raid to get it back and have to team with Galvatron, the sole uncontaminated Decepticon.

Note: it was quite amusing to see Galvatron being hunted down by his army for all the abuse he gave them.

So after some betrayal from Galvatron and Op nearly getting blasted by him, they escape after Galvatron and their human friend and other autobots are contaminated.

Back on Earth, Optimus is spray painted/coated with the metal and is now immune to the plaque. Note:this metal resisted the heat/radiation and shockwaves of an exploding star.....he should now be quite indestructible.

So he tries to reason with Rodimus, then dodges his attacks, tries to get the matrix from him, nearly gets sent into a chemical bath that likely wouldn't affect him thanks to the super metal alloy, then after some more struggle, with ONE PUNCH he decks Rodimus and reclaims the Matrix.

After entering the Matrix we get one more bit of false drama in that if he goes too far into the Matrix he may never come back but of course risks it, speaks to an ancient autobot and learns that wisdom is the cure. So he returns as the plague crazed TF's are about to attack him and releases the Matrix energies and cures the Earth and the cosmos.

Everyone is cured and is a bit wiser now. After Galvatron and the humans that released the plague leave, Optimus shows the now empty Matrix to Hot Rod and states they all need to fill it again with the wisdom they accumulate from now on. They then transform and roll out.

Oh the plot Optimus can now think of plans himself again and doesn't need the Matrix? Why wasn't Rodimus immune since he carried the Matrix? Is galvatron sane now that he was at ground zero of the Matrix energies being released? How much energy must the matrix contain to make Hot Rod back into Rodimus? The Matrix was clearly drained to eliminate the return of RODIMUS PRIME......and so on.

But all questions and plot holes are resolved by this one simple statement: THEY WANTED OPTIMUS PRIME BACK.

This however set a precedent for all future cartoons in that if an Optimus ever perishes, he will be back. Beast Wars, Beast Machines, TF Armada all had this occur.

Also to keep the toyline fresh, Hot Rod is remade into the Targetmaster gimmick and in Japan to toy God Ginrai which was an Optimus lookalike is modified for release in the states, minus the god bomber armor, as Powermaster Optimus Prime. Years later with reissues, the God Ginrai toy would be renamed Powermaster Optimus Prime with Apex Armor and released in the states.

Also in a note of irony, in Japan the Transformers Headmasters cartoon took only the first three episodes to restore the Matrix and kill Optimus again and leave Rodimus in charge. Go figure.

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