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Subj: Debate For G1 Cartoon Starscream/Megatron Strategy Quips
Posted: Mon Jan 18, 2016 at 07:56:50 pm EST (Viewed 459 times)

In the G1 cartoon, Megatron and Starscream would have conflicting ideas on their strategies for the Decepticons to handle things. One would seem to be in the right at times, or the other, or perhaps it could go either way. This list I've compiled here (while rewatching my DVDs for a few weeks) focuses on those going either way, with all the vocal-quips of the two characters, where who was right we debate among ourselves. My hope is that we can eventually come to conclusions about which of the two were really in the right in each instance. Please respond to each one. Here we go...

More Than Meets The Eye pt. 1:

On Nemesis:

Starscream: "Let's just blow them away! They've seen us!
Megatron: "No. I want to know what they're after.
More Than Meets The Eye pt. 2:

Decepticon Cave Base:

Starscream shoots laser-machine at top of mountain.

Megatron: "Starscream! What in the universe are you doing?"
Starscream: "Testing the energon cubes! They work!"
Megatron: "Of course they work."
Starscream: "You didn't know. You never tested them. I proved it.
Megatron: "You only proved your defective mentality! Now we need two strikes before we'll have enough energy to return to Cybertron."
Starscream: "What's the difference? There's plenty here for us."
Megatron: "The difference is TIME, you fool! You've set us back!"
Divide & Conquer:

Underwater Decepticon Base:

Megatron: "Without Optimus Prime leading them, the Autobots will be helpless."
Starscream: "They why don't we attack them now, leader? It's usually good strategy."
Megatron: "We attack when I so order, Starscrcream."
War of The Dinobots:

Underwater Decepticon Base:

Megatron: "Enough! I've seen enough! My finest warriors defeated by those primitive, pea-brain beasts. Revolting."
Starscream: "We were brilliant in battle, Megatron. The Dinobots overwhelmed us with sheer brute force."
Megatron: "Brilliant my boron-compressor! The Dinobots bested you because you had no strategy. But I have. We must probe the Dinobots for their weak points, and when we have found them...strike!"
The Ultimate Doom pt. 1:

At Decepticon Generator Machine:

Skywarp: "I think Megatron's plan was brilliant."
Starscream: "And I say the diversionary attack on the solar-plant was a waste of energy!"
(My favorite and best example, IMO)

The Ultimate Doom pt. 2:

Outside on Earth:

Starscream: "What's your excuse, Megatron? You let the enemy get away! You--"

Backhanded by Megatron. Starscream coughs, with Megatron holding him by the neck.

Megatron: "Cross me again, Starscream, and I will reduce you to titanium fragments."
Starscream: "But we had the Autobots disoriented. We could have eliminated them."
Megatron: "We'll do that at our leisure, when our more important work is done."

Later, at Decepticon Underwater Base:

Starscream (sarcasm): Your plan was brilliant, Megatron. We collect millions of energon cubes, but they're all worthless because we can't get them to Cybertron."
The Ultimate Doom pt. 3:

Decepticon Energy Collector:

Megatron: "Starscream, install this generator."
Starscream: "A waste of time, Megatron! Your plan is unworkable."

Megatron throws large generator component at him, and he catches.

Megatron: "I said install it! Now!"
Dinobot Island pt. 2:

On Island:

Megatron: "More energon cubes! More, I say!"
Starscream: "NO! We have violated this island with cataclysmic results. We must leave, now, before the entire island explodes."
Megatron: "I don't care if the entire Earth explodes. We can always relocate."

Experimental Energy Research Laboratory:

Starscream: "And these electro-cells will make a wonderful gift for Megatron.

He grabs device.

Scientist: "No, stop! They could detonate without warning!"

Megatron arrives.

Megatron: "Stand back at once, Starscream."
Starscream: "Megatron!"
Megatron: "The electro-cells are are too ticklish to withstand your heavy-handed-mauling. I want to preserve these until I choose to use them to destroy the Autobots."
Enter The Nightbird:

Decepticon Temporary Base (Concerning Nightbird):

Starscream: "Eh, she'll burn out fast. After the way Bombshell overtourqued(sp?) her circuits."
Bombshell: "Who asked you, nitro-nose!"
Megatron: "Nigthbird won't burn out until she returns with the computer chip we need. It's all been programmed."
Starscream: "If she returns, you mean. She's not so hot."
Megatron: "She's hot enough to replace you, whenever I choose."

Later, at same base:

Megatron watching Nightbird on monitor:

Megatron: "Terrific! (evil laughter) Yes, you're definitely on my replacement list, Starscream. She's everything I've always wanted."
Starscream: "Replace ME?! Never!"
A Prime Problem:

Decepticon Cave Base:

Starscream: "The Autobots are gloriously confused! We shall crush them once and for all!"
Megatron: "Not yet. They must be willing to follow my Prime clone into that crevice."
Atlantis, Arise!:

Washington DC:

Nergil aiming at Grimlock and Megatron.

Sub-Atlantican General: "My lord, fire!"
Nergill: "I don't have a clear shot. Better zap them both."

About to pull trigger, SS comes up from behind, knocks him down, taking his gun.

Starscream: "You treacherous hydro-weasel! Nergill is now our enemy!"
Spike (inside Bumblebee and approaching): "Ok Bumblebee...NOW!"

Jumps out as Bumblebee and Wheeljack transform and ram Starscream, knocking the gun out of his hand, and into Grimlock's.

Grimlock: "Not bad for Autobots. Now watch Grimlock!"

He destroys the gun, freeing Prime and the others, then it explodes.

Megatron (to Starscream): "Starscream! See what you've done, you driveling dirt-bucket!"
The Master Builders:

Underwater Decepticon Base:

Starscream and Megatron watch Constructicons with Hoist and Grapple on monitor.

Starscream: "Those traitors should be DEconstructed at once, mighty Megatron."
Megatron: "Leave them to me, Starscream."
The Insecticon Syndrome

While Flying:

Megatron: "The Insecticons have done well."
Starscream: "Yes, perhaps THEY should lead us."
Megatron: "You test my patience, Starscream."
Megatron's Master Plan pt. 2:

At Decepticon Day Parade:

Starscream: "Why waste time? Let's take the city now."
Megatron: "I have my reasons, which are far beyond your meager-understanding."
Desertion of The Dinobots:

Outside on Earth:

Soundwave: "Ultra-plane, completed Megatron."
Starscream: "I'll blast it to dust!"

Megatron lowers his arm.

Megatron: "No. We must be more discreet."

Holds up a mechanical device, giving it to Starscream.

Megatron: "Use this."
Starscream: "Since has discretion mattered to us? Perhaps you're getting weak, Megatron!"

Starscream does as ordered.

At Human Facility:

Megatron: "Surrender the fighter blueprints, and we will not hurt you."
Starscream: "No reason to be soft with the flesh-creatures."

Picks up one, and aims arm-gun at him.

Starscream: "Give us the plans or be vaporized!"

Human points in direction of the plans.

Airport Hanger:

Megatron: "We must return to the lab and destroy those plans."
Starscream: "If you hadn't retreated in the first place..."

Dinobots Break In:

Starscream (sarcasm) : "So much for your 'secret hideout,' Megatron."
The Core:

New Underground Decepticon HQ:

Megatron: "Well, it's about time, Scavenger. Your sensors should have detected a potential fissure in that rock before drilling began. We could have been blown to oblivion. Mixmaster, take Scavenger to the surface and check out his geologic analyzer circuits."
Starscream: "We were fortunate this time, Megatron. Next time your wild scheme to tap the Earth's core could destroy us all."
Megatron: "But if I succeed, Starscream, and I will, we Decepticons will possess an energy source richer than any in the galaxy. The molten might of this planet itself."

Later, Outside-Said Base:

Autobots being pulled up over mountainside. Starscream aims a gun at them.

Starscream: "It's like shooting dyna-metal ducks in a beryllium-barrel. And I mean dead-ducks. Perfect, vengeance at last."

Megatron lowers Starscream's gun.

Megatron: "Let them go."
Starscream: "What?! Traitor!"
Megatron: "Nonsense. Why destroy a paltry six Autobots when we can eliminate them all...forever! They think they're going to gain control over Devastator, but I have other plans."

A Bit Later, Waiting For Autobots:

Starscream: "Some strategy. Can't we do something more clever than to stand here and wait?"
Megatron: "Silence! Stand by, and...FIRE!"

Back In Underground Base:

Starscream: "Your strategy eludes me, Megatron. We're prisoners, and we've lost our most valuable asset."
Megatron: "We've lost nothing. I allowed the Autobots to believe Devastator was in their power. But...with this electronic-disruptor, I can nullify their control, and bring Devastator back under my command. And, at the moment they least expect it..."
Starscream: "Devastator will turn on them and destroy them all."
The Golden Lagoon:

Decepticon Underwater Base:

Megatron: "Decepticons! Our moment of total victory over the Autobots is here!"
Starscream: "Cut the allration(sp?), Megatron. We've already heard it."
Skywarp: "Yeah, let's talk about victory after we've got it."
The Search for Alpha Trion:

Nearing Fembots' Base:

Starscream: "Remember why we're here. To capture Elita-One, at all costs. Now, where's the entrance?"
Ramjet: "Maybe Shockwave made a mistake in his calculations?"
Starscream: "Negative. The female Autobots are obviously quite clever, but they will not outsmart me. Rumble, activate your pile-driver arms and shake the hens out of their nest."
Rumble: "Megatron's orders were to find the Female Autobots and capture Elita-One, not tear up the whole planet."
Starscream: "When Megatron is not with us, I am in charge, and I order you to obey me."
Prime Target:

Decepticon Underwater Base:

Megatron: "Triplechangers."
Blitzwing: "Yes, Megatron."
Astrotrain: "Awaiting your orders."
Megatron: "To you I entrust the ultimate mission: You will make contact with this fearless hunter. With his help, we can finish off the Autobots once and for all."
Starscream: "What's the matter, Megatron? Afraid to do it yourself?"
Hoist Goes Hollywood:

Film Lot Hanger:

Megatron: "Well, Starscream, are you sure you got ALL of the film with the Decepticons in it?"
Starscream: "Of course. I personally oversaw the operation."
Soundwave: "Corrrection. The negative is still missing."
Starscream: "How-How was I to know? I did what you told me, I followed your orders..."
Megatron: "I warned you, Starscream."
Starscream: "Wait, why not just level the studio; destroying all the prints?"

Megatron lifts Starscream into the air.

Megatron: "I've had enough of you and your ideas."
Starscream: "Megatron, don't, don't!"

He throws him, and he lands on his back.

Starscream: "I'm too valuable to--"

Makes deactivation noises as Megatron rips out some of his circuits.

Megatron (to other Decepticons): "Now get those Autobots out of the way, and get that negative, and I want it NOW!"

Underwater Decepticon Base:

Megatron: "You understand your orders. You five Stunticons will secure the three components I need."
Starscream: "You're a fool, Megatron! You can't trust those reckless Stunticons with such an important mission!"
Megatron: "Quiet, Starscream. Their unique transformation powers make them the perfect choice."
Cosmic Rust:

Old Autobot Rust Planet:

Starscream moves to controls.

Megatron: "Starscream! Keep your gruddy fingers off that. It could be a booby trap!"
Starscream: "What trap? This is a prehistoric communication device, you uneducated dolt!"

Decepticon Constructed Energy-Magnet Tower:

Megatron: "Prepare for a longer-range test."
Starscream: "Tests, tests, tests! Let's light this candle!"
Starscream's Brigade:

Decepticon Underwater Base:

Starscream: "Shockwave THIS! Shockwave THAT! All I ever hear about is how great Shockwave is!"
Megatron: "Shockwave is an ideal soldier. He's both humble and respectful."
Starscream: Shockwave has much to be humble about. Who can respect a leader who cannot so much as defeat the Autobots?!"
Megatron: "You'll never understand, Starscream. You lack the ability to see your own faults."

Underwater Decepticon Base:

Starscream: "If you hadn't spent so much time on the simulation, Megatron, maybe we'd know if your device really worked."
Megatron: "Silence, Starscream! Once we have blasted the Earth's moon out of orbit, we will be able to control the tides with Soundwave's new device. Then we will flood the canyon, creating a nearly limitless power."
Transformers: The Movie:

After Autobot Shuttle is Hijacked:

Megatron: "This was almost too easy, Starscream."
Starscream: "Much easier, almighty Megatron, than attacking the real threat: The Autobots' moon base!"
Megatron: "You're a idiot, Starscream. When we slip by their early-warning systems in their own shuttle, and destroy Autobot City, the Autobots will be vanquished forever!"
(I suppose this counts too)

Starscream's Ghost:

At Decepticon Charr Base:

Galvatron: "STARSCREAM! I shall enjoy destroying you even more this time than the last."
Starscream's Ghost: "Destroying me as a great disservice to all Decepticons."

Please LMK your guys' thoughts on these.

- Rodimus

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