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Subj: Wonder Woman #26: Restart recommendation rah...
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Wonder Woman 026 (2017)

Was actually trepidatious (again) of a new revamp/relaunch/Rebirth beginning (again) - for many of the reasons Daveyma and Panthera point out in their WWMB reviews of the last generally unsatisfying Rucka run finale. But this was actually very enjoyable. Sure, they could have went more of a flashy, grabber conflict - but Wonder Woman already has me hooked as a must read character so this subtle, Diana character piece worked very well. You can't expect so many unresolved question and danglers to be addressed in the 'first' issue - or maybe even one of them would have been warranted. However, a observational 'Day In The Life' tale of an established, canon heavy heroine can work in a pleasing light if it comes with crisp and clean art - which this book did.

Would you like some bullets to bounce off you?...

• This is the solicit:
> “HEART OF THE AMAZON” part one! Writer Shea Fontana (DC SUPER HERO GIRLS) steps in for a new story! Wonder Woman finally takes a moment to catch her breath and attend a friend’s wedding…but unfortunately, horror’s followed her even there!
- and the storytellers deliver exactly what they promised. Points for that!

• The cover is perfect. It promises a blast with this restart. We get what the cover promises with the rebel bomb. It teases foreshadowing with the surprise at the end.

• Open with Greece setting. Appropriate. The small local crises are just as important to fight as the ones on Infinite Earths and Diana fights them wonderfully as a superhumanitarian!

• She appears right off and expertly blocks the bully punch. Nice. She can't save everyone and delivers the cover context right off. Nice. This plucks the heartstrings immediately and also sets up a sweet segue to the thought provoking flashback with the destroyed doll imagery. Poor little girl.

• At a glance, the flashback sequence may look lowkey pedantic mush but really is says much on different levels showing a truly character defining key moment in her life as a little girl. This makes the title of the arc all that much more significant. SIDEBAR: Does anyone recognize what 'GAPIE is short for or if that chorus she sings is from a realworld song?

• Softside Etta steals a bit too much of Cameo Steve's facetime but the nice part is that both are not forgotten as part of this restart. And we're introduced the (regretfully unnamed) General and Apps-man James who both come across as having great potential as regular cast men with their VERY amicable interactions with WW at (keep misreading ultRatech) ULTATECH office.

• The discussion of the post-bombing ordeals after the opening sequence just shows appreciated attention to those details often brushed aside in superhero adventure tales. Case in point, this also applies to WW visit to the medbay for checkup. Here we also are treated to 2 more... suspicous... introductions with doctors Crawford and Jensen. Y'can just microanalyze -if not KNOW- one of 'em will prob become a super foe. Or just look at next issue's cover already out!

• The wedding was nice as it delivered what seemed like a pleasant ending to what would have been a strong one-shot. Then we get a jolt as we meet the the little girl (of course she would be named!) DESTINY and her eerie past parallels promise to bring something flashy, grabber. And THEN...

• Wham, Gonna Be Bamm, Thank you Ma'am last page! The writer http://www.sheafontana.com/ deliverins a truly edge of your seat scary cliffhanger! Heck, this was a good enough restart to actually give a try to an ish of her DC Super Hero Girls digital title. Now, we need more figurative blast with this run. Can't wait to see how she handles the big gun characters ASAP. SIDEBAR: The good thing about the effectiveness of leaving only 1 second less is that it will be totally believable and satisfying relief that she is fast and strong enough to simply stand up and heave the mysterious assassin's table high up into the air in spite of her 'failure' in the opening, eh?


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