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Subj: Generation X #4: PBP...
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Generation X 004

Player by Player reactions to comapre if you read it...

Bling! -Inferiority complex. Involuntary incandescence. Good spotlight facetime. Real personality in this whole run so far.

Kid Omega -Same old Quentin. Can't really complain about his characterization - he'd like that anyways. ;\) His TP/TK are Omega Level BUT also selectively superior because he's newbie effective against Emplate/M. Sigh.

Nature Girl -She was kind of interesting LAST ish. Her powerset is not established enough for appreciation yet. It's sort of wide-range ambiguous as Crystal's has always been in some ways. Lin Li is part Manits/Squirrel Girl/Koi Boi/Chimmunk Hunk/Synapse/etc.

Morph -Keep mixing him up with Hindsight because of his non-descriptness. Not interesting.

Hindsight -Keep mixing him up with Morph because of his non-descriptness. Not interesting.

Eye-boy -He threw a shoe. Which sounds sarcastic but it's more than the previous 3 entries here did.

Jubilee -She's got the "student has become the teacher" thing going on. She was portrayed okay - nothing inspiring yet though. Kind of weird fretting about the kids loose in the dangers of Central Park when they LIVE in Central Park. Remind me: were her and Monet close during the original Gen X run?

Moonstar -She was quite interesting LAST ish. Her precidented power to detect a Death Glow could be utilized much for productively/inclusively in almost any story - certainly more than it has been. She was kind of interesting in her minor role here too. Even if it was only to be an ear for Jubes to bend and a Babysitter for Jubes to snag last minute. These make Dani as amicable as ever.

Shogo -Is more of an albatross than an defining factor in Jubes development for almost all the volume runs featuring the teen mom. It's clear Jubes cares for here but why should readers at this point??

Phoebe -Selective TP success. Pure poor plot device as mutant walkie talkie. Sigh.

Pixie -Like, Eye-boy, at least she does something. Plays video games with friends and teleports Jubilee's Calvary Trio albeit poorly presented (PRESUMABLY teleported from The Mansion with using Phoebe's triangulation). She could've/should've magicked up more.

Jono -He's got more in depth facetime than most of the main team student class. Not really a fan of his but he's almost likable as part of this book with his 'teachings'. Speaking of student classes is his counterpart of Jubes' class consist definitively/entirely of:
·Pixie (Megan Gwynn)
·Surge (Nori Ashida)
·Oya (Idie Okonkwo)
·Dust (Sooraya Qadir)

Emplate/M -Curse evil, evil Emplate. Poor neglected Monet. She's been missing MONTHS! Thanks fer nuthin, Cerebro scans. Thanks fer nuthin', X-Family friends. Thanks fer nuthin, Creed! All that psi-defense training and personality domination down the toilet. Is she just as challenging as Tony Stark to write so they revert to quick demonization ASAP? Her best bet is to survive this current crisis then go back to being the predominant superhuman presence in somewhere nearer her homeland. She could be a goto guest star player like Sabra or Silver Sable or White Fox. Or heck even give Canada's Earthbound Alpha Flight and help them recover from their current neglected existence.

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