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Subj: X-Men: Gold #8: PBP...
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X-Men Gold 008 (2017)

Great cliffhanger followup presentation and gunshot fate.

Easily dodging machine gun fire here is a bit too much trope but... understandable superhero action intention. Bit of a fail. Hmm, wonder if his bullets would've even worked on Organic Steel.

Kitty/Santo banter good here. Kitty's skin of her teeth escape for X-Cutioner here was believable excitement.

Forget exactly why OML & Ro are elsewhere. Did not recall that this happens during the Darkforce Bubble. Not crazy about the (lots of lines but little detail) art around OML & Ro. Remembered afterwards (no narrator box) that the townsfolk feared Kurt as one of the demons - so THEY KILLED HIM! Yes, it was Kurt that saved this interlude and made it mean something. Besides the reminder he has 2 true friends to save him, his amicable perservering dialogue and SHOCKING reveal that he did die. This finally addresses the X-dangler about him being barred from Heaven - and opens that looong overdue intriguing can of worms.

Namedropping Tony Stark seems to be a Marvel must. A new 'kryptonite' for Kitty. Kitty taking charge like a real leader.

Piotr/Santo banter leads to a good character moment for Piotr. Too bad Dust wasn't given the moment to share some of Rockslide's facetime (even though he deserves as much as he can get). More dislikable (lots of lines but little detail) art moments with the crowd of kids and unconvincing numbers at The Mansion. Not even one Easter Egg cameo. Probably because many of the Handbook kids could have offered logical help of some kind.

Interlude in Russia. Could've been 1 page. No idenifying the pair - so why care ("Anatoly" is like "John Smith"). Clearly it's The (boringly recyclable) Hand's contribution of an (equally recyclable) way to bring back anyone from the dead, whenever. REMIND ME: when did Omega Red die last?

Nod to Shadowcat persona/skills is continuity friendly. Power Dampener is precidented 'kryptonite' which is okay - No Prize might be X-Cutioner has a limited supply and is only using one now because, uhh, he's desperate? Pixie scores a cameo. Uhh, why doesn't she magick something up or away? The scenario makes for a good hand to hand sequence for Kitty. Could've been 1 (or 2) page less. Hmmph, only Kitty seems to have the knack for knocking off that faceplate of his.

p1 6-17
Kitty/x-Cutioner conversation face-off was excellent.

Great telegraphed calvary moment and gunshot fate. So much for 'spider-sense' subconsciously turning Organic Steel theory.

SUPER surprise Santo backup calvary moment and one-liner! \:\) PUT ROCKSLIDE ON THE TEAM! (But not so much the every molecule is alive Sandman-like version.)

Liked the last page epilogue. It reminds us about the S.E. crossover element but more importantly confirms that crossover is done in this title. Implies spoilers for these characters seen. It states DAYS LATER (even though that sounds like total hyperbole of how long it lasted) and INFERS that X-men kept the bad guy prisoner for some time while USA was in unrest. Great low key last panel and next plot set up with the topical USA focus on deportations. It might be interesting to see how everyone deals with only being allowed true Americans on the Central Park X-men.

Letters Page
Wow - the chapter keeps giving: So this Prestige power up and Colossus power down is 'a thing' in development. Interesting. Also the Russian threat, Kurt 'died', there's S.E. fall out coming, Kitty (re)learned a lesson or two, Santo rocked... If the art were a bit better then the rating would be a bit better than 'quite the good closing chapter'. HOW DO YOU RATE IT?

Grabber cover.

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