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Subj: Astonishing X-Men #1: Are you "mindful" of this premiere?
Posted: Thu Jul 20, 2017 at 01:56:30 pm EDT (Viewed 226 times)

Astonishing X-Men 001 (2017)

Kimberly Hart - She would be pleased. Lots of pink in this. Actually, very good artwork all 'round.

Psylocke - Not among my favorite X-men. This is all about the Astral Plane (the pure psychic/psionic realm that makes the fabric of reality) and her mastery with the mechanics of it. Always consistent and my favorite story element to spotlight. Not. She compares herself to Jean, Quire, Cuckoos, and Frost. Just like Last Days of Magic, these Last Days of Telepaths, dying left and right will probably be a GLOBAL crisis way downplayed (if even mentioned) by other titles with their own telepaths &sigh*. (Is this before or after Jean goes to see her next month in her book?)

OML - Really? C'mon. This alt-timeline character is a pox on Earth Prime.

Rogue - Darn. Was just coming around to liking her again with her portrayal in UA. She doesn't even mention her Avengers membership which is... a shame. Like her sudden taxi service for OML completely ignores her recent chronology. Again with the kissy kissy thing - just when after it seemed more meaningful when she used that 'tactic' on Deadpool.

Bishop - REALLY, not among my favorite X-men. Did Cable 'end' him? This is worse than Rogue's 'revolving door' reappearance.

Fantomix - REALLY, not among my favorite X-men. Talk about forced story device to get him on the team.

Gambit - Not among my favorite X-men. He's better as character not on the team. Why did Bets even call him?

Beast - Ugh. Why did Bets even call him? The only one all the way from USA? They footnote his IvX failings but not his S.E. failings. Is this before S.E. it seems so unlikely. If it is or isn't after HYDRACap the repeated chronological unclarity is... a shame.

Angel - Finally, some spotlight. Oooooh, so thaaat's how they're 'tweaking' his power. Sort of a Hulk out thing but explained more convolutedly. Could be interesting. Why is he in Scotland - TELL US!

Mystique - Not among my favorite X-men. She's better as character not on the team. On the cover but not inside. Why?! She ruins an otherwise perfectly acceptable premiere cover.

Farouk - Another recyclable-after-death goto X-villain. NOT a fan of after about his 4th or 5th reuse. His imprisonment on the Astral Plane but at the same time in Psyocke's head space is a chore to wrap your head around. The only good thing about him as vehicle for the interesting and reasonable shocking surprise return on the last page of YOU KNOW WHO! So, in all her rhetoric here, was Betsy saying Farouk has a way he can regain corporeal form in his quest to get in people's head without the use of HYDRACap flouride? Which suggests the way YOU KNOW WHO might return, eh?

The suddeness of Farouk's attack makes it hard to argue with the formation of the team. The probability of these players organically remaining together as a team unit after the opening arc is nearly impossible to imagine. Also the weak chronology setup of each member before the issue begins was... a shame. Plus, we have another global crisis with people dying but no other heroes/agencies reacting will be a nitpick if not addressed. Still, it should be an interesting crisis to resolve, especially with YOU KNOW WHO involved, but the future of this team/book has me very leary.

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