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Subj: Jean Grey #5: Sais matter...
Posted: Thu Aug 10, 2017 at 04:36:39 pm EDT (Viewed 168 times)

Sais matter? (Also a future title suggestion.) \:\)

Jean Grey 005 (2017)

There's some great spot-on critisms for this ish/title insightfully typed out already in this thread here (along with preview scans):

Her intentions may be admirable but her on again/off again newbisms are annoying. And of course there is no indication when Generations - Phoenix & Jean Grey #1 fits in relation to this training arc. The one where Jeen easily musters her Omega Level skills, after a few prodding sentences by Original Jean, to most remarkably 'punch Galactus in the face'.

"Weapons matter." Pshaw. TP and TK served Original Jean, and many a superhero, just as effectively/appropriately as Gun-man or Knife-Girl. It will be interesting, next issue, to see if there is comment on this by Dr.Strange - Master of the Mystic Axe.
weapons matter -ask strange

It was nice to see Pickles interact with someone other than the O5. However, the Bullpen disagreeable handling of this character and his freaky cherub brethren is becoming a new pet peeve. Here, IIRC, is the first time we see him capable of verbalizing various noises. ROK, YEEEH, ERRRM. And he was thinking in pictograph when Psy read his mind so he is intelligent - especially if he is a heavenly sentient one would think. Plus, if any X-telepath can minddump in anyone how to fly a Blackbird why can't communication with the blue boys be less challenging? If Psy can read his mind, it's embarrassing she was unaware of Pickles refueling requirements too.

Hmm... Psy decapitated the one about to bite Jeen as they were 'ported to Madripoor but then suddenly another one was holding her again? More details range/selectiveness/distance details should be given for Pickles' power 'ports.

As mentioned with the above thread, Jeen's complaint that other telepaths have carte blanche at mindreading but she has to be more refrained. Make a rule of thumb and stick to it, people.

It was important that Betsy state "UNDEAD IS DEAD". That justifies them going full kill mode on the Hand. But are we to assume the moloid creatures are undead vampires just because they look and are labelled the part? Not sure about how much this kill mode attitude is the best mentoring for Jeen. Is she going to get in a physical fight with Phoenix? Doubtful. Will 'porting into a club to intentionally beat up on a bunch of rowdy dancers be the best lesson? Doubtful. Bloodthirsty knives, clubs, sais, chains and claws are who Jeen should train to be? Doubtful.

Hmm... has Betsy ever interacted or commented on the Jubirella? Should she?

Sooooo, Betsy knew about this heinous hidden Hand hole for how long now? She unilaterally decided when and how to destroy it? Their whole operating system was explained tritely, eh? All in all, an offputting plot device as forced upon us. Also, she should explain "UNDEAD IS DEAD" then how does she turn around and say ZOMBIES HAVE ACTIVE MINDS? Can she read them? Are they self-aware or just a hive-mind projection? How do the minds of Blade and Dracula compare? The Vampire System of the MU STILL needs a LOT OF WORK.

"THAT VOICE." Do you think it's Phoenix all along? Or maybe Xavier from his Faruk prison? Or someone else. So, Psylocke, one of the top telepaths, heard it but can't probe for more info or suggest how to track the voice? It sounds like another contrived stepping stone of this One-Girl Anti-Phoenix Quest direction. Dropping this book is a definite possibility.

Nice cover though.

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