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Subj: X-Men Blue #9: Hot Mess PBP...
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X-Men: Blue 009 (2017)

Ish 7 ended with so much potential but sadly none of those curiousities had proper exposition in the next issue. Ish 8 dropped the ball but did offer the return of Danger and Polaris and intriguing implications there. Unfortunately, this ish -with the grabber cover- was ruined with ZERO explanation or backstory details of HOW THE HECK those two got to be working with Magneto. That, and the rest of the title team's PASSING MARKS escape was just a hot MESS. Let's nitpick page by page...

Xorn and Emma negotiated the treaty for New Tian?! It's so good to learn important details so belatedly and in the pseudo-canon Recap Page after the fact. NOT. We still haven't clearly been told how Stevil Rogers deal with Magneto to retire was done in absense of the declared King Xorn. And what degree of certainty Magneto had that his hated Emma was absolutely in the equation. The only apparent chronological indicator of this tale to the S.E.Event is that the Cosmic Cube Shard in it has not been given to HydraCap yet. Annoyingly non-footnoted as usual.

Jean's narrative about the "RESCUE MISSION" felt SLOPPY reading as technically she is referring to 1 of the 2 rescue missions. The botched one to save the dissidents and the clumsiness solution to save the later captured O5. Plus, she seemingly claims to know a direct confrontation with Emma was expected. And yet, it did not feel that Magneto categorically confirmed it was her running the country (or was alive), right?

The perfectly placed splash page magnetic blast cancelling out a cosmic blast may have mesmerized me in bygone years but now it just seems illogical trope. The overall art was plain average EXCEPT all the special f/x showing the Lorna's magnetism was ugly. (And Alex has shown concentric circles since the beginning -fine- but have they ever seemed like randomly placed little bubble bath swaths before?) As their fight progresses the clashing f/x look even... sillier.

Magneto may have told more about Emma to the kids than it appeared but he also openly shared the fact that Pietro and Wanda were not his kids?!

Polaris calling Jimmy by name was awkward implied recognition for this reader, if not Jimmy too.

Lorna and Alex have a trite but decent debate about the state of mutants.

Jean does okay against Hellfire Goons but considering her title's training (before or after this) and her basic skill levels, Jimmy should have been able to sit that one out.

PLEASE tell me that was not Beast's magick that finally got their collars off. It was Jean, somehow seeing thru his mutant eyes the dampening collars -not dampening his ability to psi reply- and then she snapped them open from a remote location with her always fluctuating power level. Which isn't necessarily much better an option. The f/x were ugly again and source unclear.

Maybe instead of the common 'brother from another mother' cry, Jean could have been more appropriate with her bland rallying cry to save Scott by saying 'save cyke from his ex-wife from another life'. ;\)

OH, C'MON NOW, Polaris! Now, you're bragging to be better than Magneto?! Sheesh.

So, let's see Jean can't sense Scott. Then, a MERE 2 panels later, 'Oh there he is'. Sure it can be No-Prized but... Sheesh.

Good showing by Danger.

Another flaw with the average art is the scene transitions during the fights. First their in Briar's room then Scott's blasting them in the hallway? First, there's a big fight in the courtyard, then Polaris has to travel to find Danger?

The perfectly placed splash page of Cyke's arrival also ruined by ugly drawing of his optic f/x.

Beast can magick on the run now?! SHEEEEEEEEEEESH!

As ugly as the optic f/x were even worse was the implied damage being done by them after multiple hits on the O5. It's ridiculous (cliche) that his blasts were bascially all shrugged off by those of good heart.

Maybe it would be good to tell readers exactly what Xorn's power is doing rather than more ugly f/x as explanation.

At first seeing future versions of Cyke being Young Cyke's mental block was odd but then it was a decent organic explanation and warped plan of poor losing-it Emma trying to rewrite him. The only good plot point to remember.

Remind me who is that big guy with Toad and Firestar (where's HIS I.D. box, eh)? And WHY give Firestar new costume design???? Yuck. Maybe the o5 should have joked inappropriately with the New Tian Strikeforce before because in this rematch they win - and the bad guys had some added Hellfire Goons this time. *koff*

nb. Magneto only has one Blackbird. (And he went to a lot of trouble to sneak/fit one into the Madripoor Danger Room - since Ish 1??)

OH FER THE LUVVA... So, this was the forced lame plot device to give this Jean/Scott couple the same cool psychic bond that Old Jean/Scott had. SHEEEEEEEEEEESH! Another gift of the (temporary?) Cosmic Cube shattering.

OH BROTHER. It's all a Back to School set up? A Return to Cashing in on the Classics? If it ain't broke, don't fix it but if it gets broke then old school is better than upgrade. Lorna will be the hot teacher, Danger, the bookish prudebot? Briar, the flatscan teacher that harshes on you? Bah.

Mags and Cap have a weak but necessary debate about their positions in S.E. Not that it matters at this point in the main Event but it does offer -very wanting- rationale why mutants weren't more involved fro the whole thing.

Waitaminnit! So, is Emma clumsily confirming that the previously destroyed Island of Utopia is indeed the Capital City of New Tian and therefore must be a part of the part of California the Mutants' Country is? How can you further ruin a ruined Atlantean Spire? Atlantis is such an abused concept of the MU for ages now. Sheesh.

Enter: A truly shocking and intriguing reveal to try and get readers to forget the story failing for 19 pages... BASTION and MISS SINISTER teaming with EMMA and ALEX?!

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