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    Citizen Valley. The only ones that I'm familiar with are the two ones from the Kurt Buskirk Thunderbolts run (And Baron Zemo was one of them.). Thanks.

This Citizen V is Roberto DaCosta (Sunspot).

The Citizen V's that we know of.

Citizen V 1 - the original golden age Citizen V, John Watkins I. He was British. Murdered by Heinrich Zemo during World War II.

Citizen V 2 - His girlfriend/possible baby momma Paulette Brazee aka She-Wolf. It was implied she slept with Baron Heinrich Zemo while undercover. After Heinrich kills the original Citizen V and slaughters the original V Battalion Paulette marries a red headed soldier (possibly Dallas Riodan's grandfather after he abandoned his American family and stayed in Europe after WW2. Never quite clarified). I don't think we ever got confirmation she died but presumably she did at one point. She was French. We know she had adventures in the 1950's.

Citizen V 3 - John Watkins Jr. (JJ Watkins) - He died when his son John Watkins III was 2. He once met the Shadow King. He operated as Citizen V during the 1970's. Raised in Symkaria Silver Sable's fictional country I think.

Citizen V 4 - John Watkins III. The grandson of the original but may actually be the grandson of Heinrich Zemo. Heinric's son (John III's half-uncle?)takes over his life when his mind is out into John Watkins III's body after a long coma. He mentions in one of his miniseries that he's the 7th Citizen V. We're never quite told if he actually served as Citizen V before his coma or if he was put in a coma prior to taking the mantle. It's implied he did though. So if that's the case there are 3 Citizen V's unaccounted for (Citizen V's 4-6). If he didn't officially become Citizen V until after Helmut reclaimed the identity while in John's body and he's the seventh Citizen V then there's just one Citizen V unaccounted for. (I like that better). Also raised in Symkaria I think.

Citizen V 5 - Baron Helmut Zemo. German. Son of Heinrich Zemo and his wife Hilda. Helmut claims the V stands for victory not five but personally I think he was the fifth Citizen V anyways. He assumed the identity of the guy his father killed when the Avengers and Fantastic Four were thought killed by Onslaught. He told the media he was the grandson of the Citizen V from WW2. The V Battalion at some point had been reconstituted but had no clue who this guy was claiming to be John Watkins grandson. Helmut had no clue there even was a grandson...he thought he was just making one up.

Citizen V 6 - Dallas Riordan. Former Cop, former soldier and the Thunderbolts former liaison officer to the New York City mayor's office while the Avengers and FF were thought dead. Her father James Riordan was a cop. James's father was a soldier in WW2 who never came back to America after the war. After the original V Battalion was decimated by Heinrich Zemo. James's unnamed father helped rebuild the new V Battalion in Europe. He died in an early mission. The V Battalion's high regard for Dallas Riordan's grandfather is why she was offered the mantle of Citizen V. She lied when she claimed she was the grandson (she originally pretended to be a man when she took the mantle) of the original Citizen V. But Paulette married that red headed soldier...her grandfather might have been JJ Watkins stepfather. So like maybe Dallas was John Watkins III's step-cousin and Helmut was his half-uncle. Probably makes more sense for them to not be related I guess. She was once framed as the Crimson Cowl, crippled, shared a body with her boyfriend after he got killed and turned into ionic energy and then she became Vantage, got de-crippled, re-crippled and then de-crippled again.

Citizen V 7 - Roberto DaCosta aka Sunspot. Leads the U.S. Avengers. He's Brazilian I think.

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