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Posted: Mon Aug 21, 2017 at 05:59:58 pm EDT (Viewed 342 times)
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    •Didn't the combine mystics of Earth banish a Dark Celestial. Guess he could've come back. Y'think the Eternity Watch could at least handle that one. ;\)

It was so much better when there were just Kirby's Celestials.

    •Uhhh, is that a personal misconception that BigG thinks Maker and HighE are trying to SAVE Earth Prime? And summoning his heralds, the Ultimates, is fine but why not call upon any of your Real Heralds?

Ugh. Have you seen any of his ex-Heralds lately?! Ptooey! Across the board. And maybe Norrin was in Universe-7 with his girl this week.

    •WOW. Counter Earth CONTINUES to need better backstory/recap update of how it's even back. It CONTINUES to be a new pet peeve! Hmm, did the number of 'earths' just double in the whole one-universe now too?

I think lots more than "doubled."

    •America Chavez is too cool to have a codename on the Roll Call page? Y'know what's cool? Decorative symmetry. ;\) They should list her as Ms. America!

Is it really a codename when it's your actual real name? Hmm... ask Bishop.

    •The Maker's skill level showing (with undertermined assistance by Wyndam) gets even MORE IMPRESSIVE than just merging all the multiverse into one-verse! He also brought people back from a reportedly non-existant 1610 reality! Actually after the post-SW beginning of "Universe 8", does that PROVE that 1610 existed up until the untold rewritten version of Incursion and Secret Wars - at which point the FF and Owen presumably went about "restoring" timelines (which makes no sense) but did not include 1610? But back to the feat - The Maker ALSO brought people back FROM THE DEAD. Wow.

Eh. All things considered, this really isn't that impressive a thing in the Marvel Multiverse.

    •So, will these Maker-hunting Alt-Ultimates just be forgotten like that other outer space missions crew, those forgotten Copies of New Mutants, off adventuring from decades ago?

I hope so.

    •Don't get me started on the RIDICULOUS RIDICULOUS RIDICULOUS impenetrability of HYDRA's Planetary Shield around the Earth. The fact alone that The Ultimates bypassed it...

Indeed. Best not to pull that thread.

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