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Subj: Re: After Avengers/Champions crossover, what's next?
Posted: Sat Sep 23, 2017 at 08:44:13 am EDT (Viewed 254 times)
Reply Subj: After Avengers/Champions crossover, what's next?
Posted: Fri Sep 22, 2017 at 05:38:40 pm EDT (Viewed 257 times)

    I included spoilers because it was mentioned it a solicitation the line-ups would change after the cross over, but then again they said Doom was going to join, which has yet to happen.

    There is supposed to be a line up change for both teams after this event what do you think will happen?

    1. Have yet to read Avengers #11 a.k.a. 671, but seems from the board they lose the Headquarters. So, seeing as how Spiderman is in trouble, I think he leaves for a time, until Infinity War at least.

    2. Wasp becomes a reserve member and joins Champions.

    3. Falcon, Thor, Vision and Hercules remain, I don't know who rejoins or joins the team.

    4. One thing I noticed in Secret Wars Omega, it was mentioned the Avengers returning from space, but at the tine there were no active Avengers in space. Former members perhaps.

    1. What going on in Hulk, it would seem to make sense he leaves for a time.

I doubt he's going anywhere.

    2. Hopefully they don't kill one of the regular members.

There is a fatality coming, supposedly, according to solicits. I suspect the new Falcon, since he's completely unnecessary. They're not killing Kamala, Miles, Cho, or Tyke. I doubt NINO is dying. Viv? Nah. She's the only relic from the Vision maxi.

    3. Like to see Patriot and Falcon (new ones) join up.

Sam is taking back the Falcon name (new Falcon series). Patriot is becoming his sidekick, but surely he could juggle that and being a Champion (if Sam can juggle solo/Avengers).

    4. Ms. Marvel in Secret Warriors, is she also in an Inhumans team? It would make sense for her to become a reserve member. Same with Cyclops.

There are no Inhumans teams. Frankly, if she leaves Champions, then put a fork in it, they're done. She's the main draw. And this series cannot afford to lose any fans. It's already hovering near the cancellation mark.

    What is everyone else's thoughts for new line up? Seems that USAvengers are closing down. Unless there is a change I see only Avengers and Uncanny Avengers as the only Avenger related books published.

Yeah, unless USAvengers morphs into a new team name like it did before. I think it was clear from the get-go that USAvengers was always a temporary gig. It was pretty much New Avengers Season 2.