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    I noticed Captain Marvel (Monica's) omission right away since she was one of my favorites back in the day.

    Also, shouldn't Wonderman be placed before Hawkeye? Especially since Swordsman is placed before Hercules.

Why would Wonder Man be placed before Hawkeye? Clint was the 2nd recruit and joined in Avengers v1 #16. Wonder Man came a long time later, and he didn't officially join until the 80s.

Swordsman joined a almost 2 years before Herc. Of course, he was expelled quickly, but...

    Was Mantis ever offically an Avenger? Silverclaw?
    If these two are on here then it seems like Marina should be also. Probably a few others as well...

Yes, Mantis is an official Avenger. Silverclaw was a reservist. Marrina was just a tagalong.

    For a long time (pre-Disassembled) the original Guardians of the Galaxy were included in The Avengers roster, I was never really sure why but it's worth noting I suppose that are left out here.

They were just houseguests when they were in the time period. Their membership was always honourary.

    Was Black Bolt really an Avenger? I thought he was just a member of the Illuminate, like Professer X.

Yeah, that rogue group investigating the Incursions were not real Avengers.