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Subj: Re: Can Someone Clarify Something About Kang, And Explain Ravonna.
Posted: Sun Jan 21, 2018 at 04:41:11 pm CST (Viewed 159 times)
Reply Subj: Can Someone Clarify Something About Kang, And Explain Ravonna.
Posted: Sun Jan 21, 2018 at 03:05:17 pm CST (Viewed 172 times)

    Ravonna was the one woman that Kang seemed to love, but she died in her first appearance. Later she was brought back, but was that the real her or was that just some kind of duplicate? When did she come back, and when was she last seen? I recall her from Avengers Forever, but I haven't read most of the early Kang stories. I also thought that there was more than one Kang, as well. Didn't he have clones at one point? It was my understanding that some of the Kang's that we saw face off against The Avengers wasn't the REAL Kang. If Kang got killed by Iron Lad, and Iron Lad became Kang, how did the original Kang come back? Again, Kang is very confusing to me. How powerful is Immortus? Thanks.

Kang creates divergences of himself every time he changes time. He considers them not to be as real as he is for some reason.

Ravonna...well...there were like 4 or 5 of them.

1. The real Ravonna died.

2. A divergent Ravonna was introduced in Avengers #267-269. She ended up dumping Kang for Immortus. Prime Kang had ended up in Limbo after a fight with Thor and found Immortus's skeleton (somehow Kang was dim at this point and didn't know he was Immortus even though the Avengers had known it for years). Kang used Immortus's machines to save Ravonna from death which created an alternate timeline where that Kang got shot and killed instead. Prime Kang gathered the Council of Kangs and started wiping out his other selves from the multiverse. This one loved Immortus.

3. Terminatrix. Ok as I understand it this Ravonna is neither the real Ravonna OR the divergent one from #267-269 or the real Nebula who she pretended to be. This Ravonna loved Kang and hated Immortus and later had blonde hair. This is the Nebula who infiltrated the Avengers and corrupted Dr. Druid. This is the person Garthan Saal aka Supernova (incorrectly) chased after in the time stream (the real Nebula destroyed Xandar...he didn't know the Avengers one was a fake). This is the same "Nebula" who seduced Johnny Storm when the Fantastic Four, Thor and Iron Man went into the time stream to uncover the mystery about the time bubble. Think of Terminatrix as the war like Ravonna. She loved Kang but wanted to kill him because of an earlier storyline where the Grandmaster gave Kang a choice between life and death...Ravonna's life or the Avengers death. When Grandmaster told her of Kang's choice she became bitter and wanted revenge. She said she was really the Ravonna Kang saved from death and that the Grandmaster substituted a fake Ravonna (Immortus's girlfriend) in the pod. But Immortus was pulling strings I'm sure.

4. Revelation. Ok this one was from the Terminatrix Objective. Supposedly this one married Kang and had a son with him named Marcus Immortus. But this isn't the Marcus Immortus that was Immortus's baby with a woman he raped that went on to rape Carol Danvers so she could give birth to him. Or the Scarlet Centurion Marcus Immortus that was Kang's son in Busiek's run. In Revelation's timeline Kang eventually died and she was left ruling his time kingdom.

5. There was another Ravonna who became Grandmaster in her timeline I think.

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