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Subj: Re: Avengers #679: Nothing to see here. And yet...
Posted: Thu Feb 08, 2018 at 01:33:01 pm CST (Viewed 163 times)
Reply Subj: Avengers #679: Nothing to see here. And yet...
Posted: Wed Feb 07, 2018 at 11:52:28 am CST (Viewed 264 times)

    More often than not, story decompression to this degree is more bad than good, however with this latest chapter that was not the case. Virtually nothing happens in the present 'real time' - and yet, oddly enough, it was still an engaging read with the exposition offered. And the art was marvelous which is really helped tip the scales.

This was the first issue I didn't like. Way too boring. This is where I typically drop a book because I have no patience for a comic that gets boring. But I'll stick with this one so I can talk about it.

    The event is doing a good job of presenting Lightning as a admirable guy.

Sad thing is, I didn't realize it was Lightning who said, "J-Johnny... No..."

Nothing about that image said Lightning to me.

Meanwhile, we get the answer to who the Challenger is... and it feels like a cheat. When artists hide the face of a character, I assume it's because we'd recognize the character otherwise. Not so, here. They could have shown the guy's face all they wanted. He's a brand new character so none of us would ever have guessed his identity. Lame.

I like how Captain Glory says, "Well fought." I also like how he says, "We won't underestimate you Earthers in the next round." I'd like to see more of him after this arc is over.

Falcon accomplishes nothing as camp counselor for Lightning. But I get the impression Lightning is going to constantly be zipping here and there on impulse. Really not good Avengers material.

    Nadia is smarter than McCoy. Ha. Figures. Maybe Hank should take up magic. ;\)

    Jarvis is revealed to have fallen from an extreme case of CONTRIVEDITIS! Sheesh.

The fact that Nadia figured this out is plain ridiculous. Can she actually see the toxins and whatnot? Let's say she can - How does she know what they are?

CONTRIVEDITIS indeed. Unfortunately, this is the sort of stupid plot element I associate with Waid. And I thought he was doing so well up till now.

    Rogue says The Avengers should stop playing defense.

She also says, "I'm not a politician or a tactician. I don't know how to be a good soldier. I go with my gut."

Does that bother anyone? Black Guardian, maybe? The politician part, fine. But the rest of it?

    Last issue Falc said The Avengers priority was saving the people. Roberto is still considered leader of a defunct SHIELD-free Avengers acknowledged team in spite of the USAvengers series final issue resolve. Make up your minds - or better yet pick a new leader. Even if it has to be *koff* Voyager (who was oddly not even in this).

She was missed. By me, any way. Meanwhile, I agree it's pretty obvious, somebody needs to take charge and apparently it won't be Rogue, Falcon, or Roberto. It's interesting how none of the natural leaders are available. Tony Stark. Steve Rogers. Janet Van Dyne. Clint Barton. (Anybody remember when nobody would have included Janet or Clint on that list?) It would actually be cool if Wanda stepped up. But maybe Voyager will.

    The Challenger's origin is fascinating. Kind of guessed right about that, last post \:\) .

Nice job. I wish I cared about the guy. But I don't.

    Aaaand that was it. Almost nothing.

We got the standard Marvel monologue about Earth's exceptionalness. I remember when Roy Thomas used to put that into stories. It's as Marvelous as Manhattan.

I actually don't like the fact that two Elders chose the same specialty. Again, it's the kind of displeasing plot element I associate with Waid.

    Oh, PLUS they add a new mystery on the last page to replace the "Who is Challenger" one. "Who is Challenger's mystery new player piece?" With minimal clues. Any guesses?

The Mount. New Mexico. The Pantheon from Peter David's Hulk run?

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