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    Not to knock Red Wolf (Earth-51920) but that is totally because Red Wolf(Will Tallrees) got essentially no Bullpen respect and absolutely minimal facetime. Wyatt Wingfoot get better shared universe respect.

Holy missing puzzle piece, Batman! So check this out. I bought the Red Wolf mini-series. Enjoyed every panel. Got totally into the character and still am totally into him to this day. And had no idea he was from any other Earth than 616.

Belatedly I took a look at this article:
Red Wolf 51920

I also had no idea Occupy Avengers featured Red Wolf! I mean, sheesh, I might have actually bought the thing! In this particular case, naming everything "Avengers" worked against Marvel. I personally had no desire to buy lots of books titled "Avengers" so I ignored them. All of them. And this was some feat in the case of Occupy, because as I look now at the covers, I see that some of them had Red Wolf featured prominently big as life! Man, my tunnel vision really tunnels.

Of course, Hawkeye (in my opinion) had been totally (and I do mean totally) ruined by Fraction. The only reason I'm enjoying Hawkeye now is the fact that Team Waid seems to be completely ignoring the Fraction take on Hawkeye (as all right-thinking authors ought).

"Authors ought." Excuse me momentarily while I take Deadpoolian glee in the English language while I gaze longingly at my Bea Arthur poster.

OK. So where was I?


      As for Mentacle -
      1. Clint fires Arrow.
      2. Mentacle boasts about being one step ahead of Clint because of mind-reading capability plus cool tentacles.
      3. Janet Van Dyne swoops in from behind Mentacle while he's distracted and smashes his helmet and then zaps him.

    Hmm... Was the Pyramoid bending/breaking to Menty's will? Did Clint fire thru the TK field close to Menty or the object for the area smoke blast? Why wasn't Menty drawn in the Big Fight panel before in the arrow trajectory direction? It also felt like a do over interpretation of the cliffhanger scenario last ish with the 3 arrow shots at the BB with blast arrows - did Clint run out of blast arrows to use on Menty?

Ah. Yes. I forgot who I was chatting with. The man who looks for a street sign to see where exactly in the city a super slugfest is taking place. The man who (more recently) noticed the scope on Hawkeye's bow. I should have known better. You come away with far more unanswered questions than I would ever in a million years have thought to ask in the first place.

    Hmm... but why would she be lugging a 'dead' body around at this time?

Now that's an unanswered question that I did in fact ask myself. And it remained unanswered. I think you're clearly right. Corvus isn't dead. Either that or Rogue plans to give his corpse to Voodoo for zuvembie purposes. Nah, I don't think he does that. (Though it would be cool if he did and a heck of a lot more voodoo-ish than weird energy snakes will ever be.) So I think Corvus is a vegetable now. Rogue rogued him without mercy or any sane restraint. She ripped his very psyche from his now broccoli-like neurons.

I love that in a woman.

But why is she lugging around a rutabaga? I guess it would be bad strategy to leave his theoretically fixable husk lying around where some random husk-fixer might find it. Plus it would be rude. Turnips, even evil ones who do the bidding of dark gods at the expense of whole worlds, deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

    Agreed, Herc did read okay as Hercules -the Olympian but is that how Hercules -the Avenger should sound?

I wonder if he cares about that. Olympian indifference to mortal mores can reach positively... Olympian... levels.


    Just wait 'til you read the 'love' (Nighthawk né Nightshade) has for a dynamic with Red Wolf in Occupy Avengers. ;\)

Color me intrigued!

    Grandmaster and Challenger get a page to update the readers on the game but generally just confuse the issue more.

Ooh! Ooh! You reminded me of something I meant to raise as a perplexing kernel of perplexity. Gamesmaster says to the Challenger, "Look at how my Lethal Legion has fared next to your Black Order. The advantage is clearly mine..."

What the heck is he talking about? The Lethal Legion has claimed one Pyramoid. The Black Order has claimed one Pyramoid. The Obstacles have claimed two! How is Gamesmaster in a position of advantage versus the Challenger? Go home, Team Waid, you're drunk!


    Hmm... so the best either can hope for is to TIE the Obstacles? Does that count as a win?

I think it must. But what do I know? As demonstrated directly above, I clear don't get this newfangled Team Waid math!

    Does Red Wolf even count as an Avenger?

I don't know if that matters. He counts as an Obstacle! (I think.) But here's a nugget of know-nothingness to nibble on: He's listed on the roster page as a member of Avengers New Mexico! So is Citizen V, by the way, and aren't Citizen V and Iron Patriot self-proclaimed Avengers at best? Normally I would say these heroes will surely be welcomed officially into the hallowed ranks of hoary Avengerdom but apparently this weekly series shrinks the team rather than growing it, per the solicits.

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