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Subj: Re: I like Batman Returns better than Batman
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Reply Subj: I like Batman Returns better than Batman
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I thought Penguin was a more compelling villain than Joker. I thought Catwoman was a more compelling character than Vicki Vale.

I think Mask of the Phantasm was the best theatrical released Batman film.

Yes, it was opened in theaters.

And the arcs for every character were better defined, and the characters more human.

Returns had too much dark for the sake of dark, which can be entertaining, but I have never been too fond of Burton's art school kid style.

In all honesty, Catwoman just seems goofy and over the top to me. I view Batman returns as a dark adaption of the 60s TV show than the comics. Penguin running from Mayor is even a plot in one of those episodes.

Penguin as the toast of Gotham never made sense to me, his scheme and Catwoman's choices never seemed realistic.

I know, I know comic logic.

The great sin in fiction is not plot holes or illogic... it is being uninteresting enough to distract the audience from noticing.

So, then I guess mileage may vary.