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I thought Penguin was a more compelling villain than Joker. I thought Catwoman was a more compelling character than Vicki Vale.

We just watched all the Burton/ Schumacher films as a family, my wife and daughter had no real connection to them when they came out.

Yes, the Nolan films are better movies, and form a coherent picture of a realistic, finite Batman story.

Yes, I agree with Dr Strange that Mask of the Phantasm was the best Batman movie so far.

Out of the 4 80's and 90's films, Batman and Robin holds up to its intent the best.

Batman was the first well made serious superhero film in a long time, but hasn't aged well.
Return had extra of the cool Tim Burton aesthetic, but had little to do with any version of historical Batman.
Forever had a good (if extreme) Riddler, but a flat lead and a lot of transitional stuff.

Batman and Robin is still exactly what is was designed to be:
An all ages, merchandising driven, as goofy as 1950's era comics, kinda stupid but fun film, with some of the best Bruce/Alfred relationship stuff ever filmed.

Is it anywhere near Oscar territory? Lord, No.
Does it line up with the modern version of comic book Batman? No.

But it was the first non-Adam West live action Batman film I could show my daughter when she was little. And its still her favorite.

And though it may destroy most of my credibility of being a life long comic book reader, I still crack up at Arnold singing the Snow Miser song.