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    We just [tortured ourselves and] watched all the Burton/ Schumacher films as a family, my wife and daughter had no real connection to them when they came out.


    Out of the 4 80's and 90's films, Batman and Robin holds up to its intent the best is just the worst.

    Batman was the first [almost] well made serious superhero film in a long time, but hasn't aged well. Return had extra of the cool campy Tim Burton aesthetic, but had little to do with any version of historical Batman.
    Forever had a good (if extreme) tiresomely over-the-top Riddler, but a flat lead and a lot of transitional stuff.

    Batman and Robin is still exactly what is was designed to be:
    An all ages, merchandising driven, as goofy as 1950's era comics, kinda very stupid but fun film, with some of the best worst Bruce/Alfred relationship stuff ever filmed.

    Is it anywhere near Oscar Razzy territory? Lord, No Yes.
    Does it line up with the modern version of comic book Batman? No.