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Subj: Re: He's Always Been Somewhat Homicidal.
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Reply Subj: Re: Is The Riddler Pretty Much Ruined As A Character At This Point?
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    This is regarding the just-completed War Of Jokes and Riddles arc. I think that might have been Tom King's MAJOR misstep (Ihaven't been that big on his run, but there has been some good stuff.), because he had The Riddler kill a CHILD (Kite Man's son.)! Pretty much anything in superhero comics can be undone, but there's really no coming back from that one. And I don't see this as really doing anything positive for his character, or even fitting his character in the least. That's something that Mr.ZZazz or The Joker would do, but The Riddler? Sure, he's homicidal, but something about this just feels really wrong or off. He's right up there with Black Manta now. I don't know, maybe this can be fixed, but I think that The Riddler will be forever tainted from this point on.

I don't even like him as a killer in general. Hasn't he often complained about how dark people like the Joker have gotten?

In his first appearance, he rigged a death trap. Batman has said Pre-Crisis that he has killed people. His homicidal levels have increased since Post-Crisis, but he's not above killing. I don't think that he's ever gone after any children, though. I'm almost certain that he hasn't.