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Subj: Re: Captain America - Steve Rogers #11...
Posted: Fri Feb 17, 2017 at 09:14:08 am EST (Viewed 342 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Captain America - Steve Rogers #11...
Posted: Thu Feb 16, 2017 at 01:03:20 pm EST (Viewed 381 times)

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Those 'mistakes' are certainly curious in the least.

The uncertainty that continues is too maddening to critique this issue properly. Here's just some quick replies (simultaneous made to your post) to 0-day reaction from some other posters at fourchan...

> Anonymous 02/15/17(Wed)06:54:52 No.89941380
> Coming off of Swamp Thing, this art is so disappointing...
> Marvel has some really good artists working for them whose art keeps getting dragged down by godawful coloring.
NOT that bad art at all IMO.

> Anonymous 02/15/17(Wed)06:58:17 No.89941418 >
> Black Ant. About damn time he showed up again
Convoluted implications.

> Anonymous 02/15/17(Wed)06:58:38 No.89941428
> Why is Rocket there? Have they ever met even?
And Gamora is not there. Sure, she's in prison concurrently but if Marvel is going to honor continuity - isn't Rocket currently persona non grata with authorities?

> Anonymous 02/15/17(Wed)07:11:53 No.89941579
> Jack Flagg was on the Guardians.

> Anonymous 02/15/17(Wed)07:12:24 No.89941586
> I mean, all this happened because of a rogue cosmic cube, which is pretty cosmic $#*!.

> Anonymous 02/15/17(Wed)07:15:47 No.89941631
> Bucky steals Helmut's crew so Helmut steals Bucky's man. It's only fair.
HA! Karma! Excellent observation.

> Anonymous 02/15/17(Wed)07:19:25 No.89941683
> Spencer is good at the c-list villain $#*! I'll give him that.

> Anonymous 02/15/17(Wed)07:20:48 No.89941700
> >>89941428
> I thought that too then remembered Jack Flag did a stint with the Guardians in the original DnA run. Afair after he escaped the Negative Zone prison from Civil War, they found him there (can't remember why the Guardians were in the Negative Zone), and he was on the Guardians for a while. So yeah he's technically an OG Guardian. Good bit of continuity.

> Anonymous 02/15/17(Wed)07:29:27 No.89941835
> >>89941700
> >can't remember why the Guardians were in the Negative Zone
> Star-Lord went to Hala to warn Ronan about the Secret Invasion only to discover that the Skrulls sent there had all ready been slain...and used to power a Phalanx super weapon. Quill was against its usage and Ronan threw him into the Negative Zone so he wouldn't get in the way. Shortly afterwards, Quill managed to send a telepathic message to Mantis vis-a-vis one of the telepathic villains imprisoned there and what was left of the Guardians sans Drax, Phylla, Adam, and Gamora went to rescue him.

> Anonymous 02/15/17(Wed)07:35:00 No.89941921
> Jack Flagg didn't do anything to stop Drax from getting murdered by Thanos.

> Anonymous 02/15/17(Wed)07:36:55 No.89941951
> I enjoyed this

> Anonymous 02/15/17(Wed)07:41:28 No.89942014
> Didn't Black Ant die in Illuminati?
No LMD body was recovered AFAIK.

> Anonymous 02/15/17(Wed)07:44:37 No.89942057
> So Steve Rogers is convinced that everyone else's memories are wrong and his are the correct ones.
The way he words it to Zemo only made this storyline premise terribly more confusing.

> Anonymous 02/15/17(Wed)08:10:48 No.89942357▶>>89942732 >>89943859
> Using the Heinrich Zemo Zemo mask and not the more modern Helmut one - That's fucking disgusting.

> Anonymous 02/15/17(Wed)08:38:33 No.89942732▶>>89942847
> >>89942357
> It's probably to emphasize Helmut's relationship with his father and Hydra.

> Anonymous 02/15/17(Wed)08:46:44 No.89942847▶>>89942873 >>89943112
> >>89942732
> Didn't Helmut, you know, reject the whole ideology of Heinrich, though? That was kind of his thing for a while.

> Anonymous 02/15/17(Wed)08:49:11 No.89942881▶
> >>89942057
> the way he phrases it makes me think there's a bit more to it than that in his version of events

> Anonymous 02/15/17(Wed)09:13:04 No.89943214▶>>89943348
> Superior Spider-Man
> Superior Iron Man
> Superior Captain America
> Marvel is just going down the list of characters. Everyone gets time being "superior".

> Anonymous 02/15/17(Wed)09:20:54 No.89943330▶
> The new Quasar is also a lesbian?

> Anonymous 02/15/17(Wed)09:55:46 No.89943830▶
> Steve is basically going through a list of things Helmut wishes were true.

> Anonymous 02/15/17(Wed)09:55:51 No.89943831▶
> Is this the first time they've been together since Initiative?

> Anonymous 02/15/17(Wed)09:59:17 No.89943893▶>>89943930 >>89944255
> >>89941325
> >>89941329
> >>89941356
> This feels like Spencer's deliberately trolling the #GiveCapABoyfriend folk

> Anonymous 02/15/17(Wed)10:06:29 No.89944015▶>>89944109 >>89944427
> Why does Carol look like Johnny Storm wearing lipstick?

> Anonymous 02/15/17(Wed)12:23:16 No.89946600▶
> I was starting to think Spencer wasn't going anywhere with Taskmaster's plotline. I love Sheriff Tasky.
Well, it could be a refreshing break from Nazi stuff.

> Anonymous 02/15/17(Wed)12:59:40 No.89947391▶>>89947718
> So Zemo is trying his best not to laugh at how perfect this is for him, right?

> Anonymous 02/15/17(Wed)13:13:10 No.89947689▶
> It basically is, except that for all the heroic resolve Cap is known for, hes not breaking through the rewrite. Instead, he seems almost aware of it and just considers his normal self weak. So it's kinda a mix of Superior and AXIS with the inversions.
The lack of exposition on his makeover -after all this time- gets more confounding each issue filled with so much pagespace to flashback sequences (that will be meaningless after this arc).

> Anonymous 02/15/17(Wed)16:14:34 No.89951660▶
> Here's the thing, in the arc where Kobik was shattered (whose title was also Captain America: Steve Rogers) that's EXACTLY what she did. Kobik, while still a cosmic cube, altered all of reality but left Steve as-is. From Steve's perspective, this wouldn't be any different than that but we know that it's actually the other way around this time.

> Anonymous 02/15/17(Wed)18:08:17 No.89954279▶
> >>89954226
> ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
That's a neat ascii pic!

> Anonymous 02/15/17(Wed)18:11:44 No.89954338
> Zemo was so &!$$ed with Bucky taking Steve's mantle that he relapsed into his evil ways. Then Hopeless used him as a pseudo-Nazi villain with some of the Brubaker interpretation. Remender went full idiotic, ignored Hopeless and made him leader of HYDRA.

> Anonymous 02/15/17(Wed)20:26:17 No.89957560

> Anonymous 02/15/17(Wed)21:05:35 No.89958672
> OK, so, the last time Kobik (or at least the cosmic cube that became Kobik) was used, she altered reality so it was a world where the Nazi's won and everyone was changed to see this as the real world EXCEPT Steve. So Steve, being the "only sane man left" had to fight back to try and change the world back to how it was supposed to be.
> This time, however, Kobik changed STEVE and left the rest of the world as is, but from Steve's perspective this isn't any different than what Kobik did last time. He sees this as yet another case of being the "only sane man left" while the rest of the world was altered. We the readers of course know that this isn't the case and it was Steve who was changed while the rest of the world stayed the same and not the rest of the world that was changed while Steve stayed the same like last time. But for Steve, him being Hydra and this alternate history of his (him and Zemo being the same age, him being Hydra all along, Zemo and him being best friends, Arnim Zola being the one that did the procedure, etc.) is what he considers to be the "true" canon while "616" is the lie.

Captain America - Steve Rogers 011
Nice cover:

One of the best pictures of camels...

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