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The entire Marvel Universe was rebooted in the events of Secret Wars, so everything is back the way it was with some minor differences.

We are still yet to be informed exactly what happened in the missing 8 months, and I'm not sure theres any intention from Marvel to show us.

'Secret Wars' has become the go-to excuse for anything that doesnt make sense in the current Marvel Universe. In truth almost nothing has changed, but if something appears out of continuity then Marvel can just blame Secret Wars without offering any further explanation.

Thanks for the reply...and I had also assumed that Secret Wars was the current excuse to avoid continuity....but.....Steve clearly dies in Avengers #44 (along with fake Tony...the real Tony died in Avengers #395) which was still a prelude to Secret Wars. The only characters to actually make it thru were Spider-Man/Spider-Man/Mr. Fantastic/Thor/Black Panther/Captain Marvel/Dr. Strange and Dr. Doom. Cyclops and Star-Lord made it but were killed during Secret Wars. So...besides the eight characters listed are all other characters 'alternate versions' or did someone bring them all back to life? I can understand if the effects of Secret Wars negated all of the 'deaths' as a result of the final incursion...but Steve clearly died before this final incursion. I would have to think that the current Captain Hydra cannot be the same Steve from 1941.

Any thoughts?