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Subj: Re: Worrying implication of Sam Wilson #20
Posted: Wed Mar 29, 2017 at 02:48:09 pm EDT (Viewed 293 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Worrying implication of Sam Wilson #20
Posted: Tue Mar 28, 2017 at 01:40:39 pm EDT (Viewed 304 times)

    I don't think he is. He knows the violence won't work. He knows turn the cheek won't work. And he knows everything he's doing is ineffectual and a fight's coming whether he wants one or not. I think you're making him out to be worse than he is. He's not advocating violence...he just knows turn the other cheek won't work. He's going through the motions knowing that he can't solve the problem, that he can't put faith in institutions but as Captain America he has no choice to play lip service to the idea that they do in the (perhaps futile) hopes of negating violence.

I'm not so sure he wont advocate violence.

Its already been solicited that Sam will be abandoning the costume of Captain America. What are the chances that will be so that he can endorse things as Sam Wilson - concerned citizen - that he cant endorse as Captain America - national symbol?

I ask this because Nick Spencer has painted Sam into a corner. He's created a situation so skewed that it doesnt look like there is any non-violent solution possible.

What concerns me about this - apart from the fact that in trying to mirror a real life event, Spencer has given us a representation of that event that is completely unlike the reality - that as you say, institutions have failed, negotiation has failed, democracy and discorse have failed, reason has failed, symbolism has failed, justice has failed, even indisputable evidence of innocence and wrong doing has failed because the system is SO racist, and SO corrupt that it is able to dismiss it out of hand.

Whats left for Sam to try *other* than violence?

    The vibe I'm getting is that you think Sam should be of the opinion that the system works. He KNOWS it doesn't...he was a social worker. His father was a priest that was murdered for nonsense. One of his nephews died of AIDS. His tenure as an Avenger started because he was forced down their throats by Gyrich. He hasn't had a charmed life where he can lie to himself and think the system works or that institutions don't fail.

No, I'm not.

My concern is that Sam sees a system with absolutely no redeeming features, not fit for purpose in any way, incapible of achieving justice, and utterly corrupt beyond any hope.

Its not a criticism of Sam as such, but a criticism of Spencer for creating a situation so bad and so corrupt that theres no way Sam can 'Captain America' his way out of it as he traditionally would.

When it came to the systematic or institutional problems, Rogers never solved them by punching them, but I fear Spencer may have left Sam with no alternative.

    I think it makes him MORE admirable that he's out there trying to quell the violence when he knows the system is flawed.

I'm not convinced he's trying that hard. He doesnt beleive his own words, he's not convinced, and he's not convincing anyone else. It strikes me that he's lost hope for a better solution.

    But he isn't being violent. He has doubt people are going to keep turning the other cheek. I get your other complaints with the run that there's no moral complexity on the part of the white racist cops or whatever that Falcon has to deal with. Fair point. I just don't think Sam's a bad guy for having a realistic opinion. He's not advocating violence. He's not calling for outrageous demands. But yeah he's smart enough to realize his people are going to get sick of turning the other cheek after violence. I'm not a fan of Black Lives Matter but there were SOME incidents they were protesting about that bothered me too (Eric Garner and Philando Castile in particular). Some of these incidents really are injustices.

Of course some of the incidents were injustices, but Spencer has created an analogue of BLM whereby ALL of the incidents are injustices, and ALL of them were the result of institutional corruption, racism, and hate.

Sam isnt actively advocating violence, but he could by ommission of speech or action be endorsing it, and certainly isnt convincing anyone - least of all himself - that violence *isnt* the solution - and considering that Spencer has quite deliberately set Sam up as a Captain America who essentially picks a side, I am concerned that the side he picks might be the one of violence.

I would be disappointed by that. That would strike me as a failure by either Sam Wilson or Captain America that he couldnt find or inspire a better way.

I could be proven to be wrong, but I just cant see how Nick Spencer resolves this story by any other way.

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