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Subj: I think the alternative would be kind of weird...
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    Neither am I, but these characters dont exist as weapons for the writer to use in a partizan personal vendetta against the Conservatives and any other person who doesnt like his work, they exist first and foremost to provide entertainment - something they are doing less and less.

    A superhero comic story with a political undertone is fine - thats what the original X-Men did when they acted as a proxy for generic bigotry - but Spencer is writing a political story with a subtle superhero comic undertone, where the predominant thing you walk away with is his political feelings and opinions, rather than a kick ass story.

In theory I agree with your stance when it comes to most heroes. Except Captain America should you kind of political. I don't like his generic fence sitting I'm for everybody stance. He never seems to have an opinion on a political issue. Other characters like say Iron Man or Daredevil have opinions they'll fight for...Steve gives up his individuality to be the corny embodiment of the country's values.

I'm not saying the story is good but I've never been a big fan of the bland Cap of yesteryear either. And Hickman ruined Cap a few years back during that Incursions mess. This is just the poop that comes out after the body dies.

Like I don't want Captain America following Donald Trump's orders. That just feels wrong to me. Like in the 1980's, John Walker was this weird thing of "What if Ollie North was Captain America." The 1970s were a direct response to Richard Nixon as president. These were controversial stances at the time. I'm sure if the internet were around, they would've blown up in the same way as "What if Captain America was a traitor to the country?" of Secret Empire today. I mean this is the whole "Donald Trump is really a traitor who is manipulating America's downfall" metaphor as a comic book.

We've seen this misfire before. During the last Presidential Election, Marvel was really really banking that Mitt Romney would win. Norman Osborn is basically Mitt Romney and the whole "Green Goblin as HAMMER Leader" is very much shades of Mitt Romney as Super-villain. Marvel bet the whole bank of a very conservative administration to mirror the Dark Reign storyline and they kind of lost with stories that didn't quite fit the Pres. Obama administration. Their president stand-in (especially in Thunderbolts) acted more like Mitt Romney than President Obama. The biggest problem is that they didn't foresee 2016 and how Osborn would've been the perfect cipher for Donald Trump (right down to the goofy hair).

I bet if they had foreseen that, we would've had Dark Reign in 2016 instead of 2012.

- l.k.