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    I loved "Captain America The First Avenger," but was mildly disappointed by the decision to downplay the Nazi angle and have Cap mainly fight Hydra forces instead of German troops.

    Kirby's renditions of Cap slugging it out with Nazis while leading US troops into battle or working behind enemy lines is one of the main reasons I got into comics.

    That's why I have to give major props to "Wonder Woman" for having the courage to pit her and her "Howling Commandos" - style colleagues against German troops, albeit in World War I. When WW charges across no-man's land and uses her shield to deflect bullets, you could easily imagine Cap in action doing the same thing.

IMO the Germans in WW1 weren't the outright villains they became in WW2. WW1 was a bit murkier morally speaking. If anything I thought the Germans were portrayed a little too evil in Wonder Woman.

(personally I don't blame the Germans for WW1 but that's just me)

    Ironically, there's someone named "Steve Rogers" in the post-film credits.

...if anything the way Germany was treated at the end of WW1 had a lot to do with leading to WW2. They are not the outright villains in WW1 they became in WW2.