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Subj: Re: Hydra Cap is the hero they deserve.... AND the hero they want...
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Well, Cap's not a Nazi, he's a fascist. It's a difference worth pointing out because in the real world, the GOP is definitely trying to lead the country into fascism, and Right wing media has been encouraging fascist tendencies for decades. In the real world, you can get the GOP to denounce Nazism and racism (after several days of hemming, hawing, and hiding) but the fascism remains, and the President still aspires to authoritarianism.

So HydraCap still is a relevant comment on Right Wing culture in America, and still a reflection of what the right wing propaganda machine via FOX and the radio talkers call for openly. Many, many people voted for Trump. Why don't those people like reading a story where HydraCap basically takes those fantasies all the way?

The claim that the President is a fascist or a Nazi is deeply offensive to me since: (a) I'm a Jew who supports him. (b) Every single one of my Jewish friends also support him. (c) We believe that the Democrats and their allies like Antifa and Linda Sarsour (or however you spell that odious woman's name) are a much bigger threat to Jews than the few dozen losers who show up at rallies dressed as Nazis every once in a while. And, most importantly: (d) My grandparents were forced to dig their own grave and machined gunned into it by real WWII fascists/Nazis and my father narrowly escaped a similar or perhaps much more lengthy agonizing death by walking east to Moscow a few miles ahead of the advancing fascist/Nazi army.

Furthermore, in every internet discussion I've had where someone has had the gall to suggest that I support a Nazi so far, it turns out that that the person isn't even Jewish. Perhaps you are different but my Jewdar -- if I may use the term -- tells me that you are also a gentile.

If so, who exactly do you think you are lecturing me that the Republican party is a bunch of Nazis? If polling is to be believed, 30 percent of American Jews voted for the President. This is hardly an insignificant percentage -- even the more so given the decades of loyalty we've have had to the Democratic party. Such loyalty was instilled in me as a child and it took a lot of research and reflection on my part to give it up. Who are you, Jewish or not, to casually demean decisions that are very important to me so you can virtue signal?

If you are Jewish, maybe you ought to think about respecting the opinion of the over a million of your fellow Jews who disagree with you. If, as I suspect, you are not a Jew, why don't you mind your own business and worry about your own people, goyim? We can take care of ourselves just fine and your virtue signalling and pity don't do anything for us. Moreover, my Jewish friends and I all agree that you're just a tool for people who really are a threat to us. Perhaps we are wrong. But, if you're not a Jew it's none of your business and, if you are, this is a discussion we should be having privately.

I apologize if this is offensive, but it's much less offensive to you than your remarks on a public message board were to me and I'm trying to get it through your skull that just a little thought would have made their offensiveness obvious to you.

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