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Subj: What IS Cap ? - an attempt at an explanation.
Posted: Sat Nov 04, 2017 at 04:19:22 am CDT (Viewed 554 times)
Reply Subj: What exactly IS Cap now?
Posted: Fri Nov 03, 2017 at 11:43:15 am CDT (Viewed 567 times)


      Yeah! How come there are no comments on this issue yet?? \:O


        Cap's back damn it!

    Is he? Which one is the real one? The Hydra one or this one that Kobik cobbled together?

    Has there been any effort to make this good version the legitimate Steve or the evil one to not be the real Steve? Because it still sounds like the evil Steve is the real Steve but with bad memories and this good version is some construct created by a god with the mind of a child.

    Why didn't they just fix the real Steve?

You are misunderstanding what the Cosmic Cube actually does - it didn't just change his memories - it changed his HISTORY! It changed the Universe itself, so that Cap became Hydra.

I.e, Stevil was never "real" either, nor is Good-Steve - or they are BOTH real - you have to think of this not in the terms of memory-transplant but in the terms of REALITY-transplant - Kobik created a whole alternate reality, inside of her mind, and then transplanted Stevil from that, into the regular MU.

She then did the same thing all over again, when she created Good-Steve.

There's also the fact that since the Cube controls reality, this then means, that in whatever way us humans can perceive it - whatever she says is true, is TRUE - that's reality - that's how it works.

Think of the whole story in terms of quantum mechanics - it's a bit like when someone teleports in Star Trek - whenever that happens, is it really the same person, or a construct? Would you challenge the "realness" of that person?

The end of SE can be seen through the lens of the idea of "Schroedingers Cat" - when the fight is over, the real Steve, for that reality, is decided - when you open the lid to the box, the cat will be either dead or alive - but until you open it... it's both.

I can understand the confusion certainly - it's kind of a mind-f*ck to think about these things, and wrap ones head around it, but once you accept how these mechanisms work, how our perception of reality has constraints, and how the story plays with how other beings more advanced understanding of reality supersedes our own, it makes sense.

In closing: Stevil was already obviously a molecular construct, since he is about 80 years YOUNGER than "original" Steve*, hence he is, already, physically not the same molecular structure.

To a human being this change, this difference is imperceptible, to a god with a Quantum Mind, the difference is clear.

In every way that you, a human reader, and the fictional human characters in the MU can perceive it, or understand it, the good Cap they have now is the "real" deal.

Because GOD herself, said so.

*(who himself is not the original... he's been quantum reconstructed multiple times, by both the Beyonder, Molecule Man, Franklin Richards and multiple other events/beings)

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