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Subj: Write up: lab + field prep + wiki.
Posted: Thu Oct 09, 2014 at 06:25:07 pm EDT (Viewed 551 times)
Reply Subj: Fight 1: Tongan Giant vs. Rehzon
Posted: Wed Oct 08, 2014 at 12:06:02 pm EDT (Viewed 410 times)

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1. Tongan Giant
GL Alan Scott (Starheart) - Herald
Pheonix (Jean Grey) - Herald
She Hulk (Marvel) - E Meta
Leonardo (TMNT) - Street
Green Arrow (Conner Kent - DC) - Street
Madame Hydra (Marvel) - Street
Cheshire (DC) - Street
Add one PM level weapon for EM level or below - 5 points
ITEM = Pym Particles for Shulkie
Detailed wiki-level info - 3 points
Battlefield Prep - 2 points for 1 hour


Besides what Annex can 'port in (Exorcist Gun etc.) and lend, remember the list of gadgets in Forge's prosthetic hand & leg.It also contains dna samples of mutants - icluding Jean's. How long does it take to produce inventions?

Forge couldn't design gadgets to defend the team/muck with Jean?

Could he boost Captain Comet?

When a weakened Exodus kidnapped and tortured Forge, what did he force him to do?

Sentinel can't effect or block wood-based attacks:

Means his flame couldn't stop a weapon firing wood,a person in a wood-based costume, or someone teleporting in with a wood sword.

And don't forget how fast Spiral can cast a spell:

Neutron can absorb kinetic force, so a fight with Shulkie would just keep boosting his strength & durability.

Blue Beetle vs Giganta:

There's also Barda: