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Subj: Re: what do you think is the likelihood of Moondragon mind controlling
Posted: Tue Oct 14, 2014 at 11:29:24 am EDT (Viewed 155 times)
Reply Subj: what do you think is the likelihood of Moondragon mind controlling
Posted: Tue Oct 14, 2014 at 10:54:21 am EDT (Viewed 4 times)

    He-Man, Superman, or all the lower tier characters?

    I know Superman has been resistant, but he's also succumbed.  She's mind controlled Thor before, and he's shown significant resistance himself.  She also mind controlled Drax, and when Drax resisted (while she was being interfered with by Iron Man technology), she rendered him brain dead....

    Were the story writtin prior to about 1989, I think she'd mind control the bulk of the team, at least long enough to make it pretty one sided in her team's favorite.

    If she's completely ineffective, then she shouldn't be classed PM.

    The chance of BFR of one of their heavy hitters makes it closer IMO, but I think you have to allow for at least mind control of one of their big three as likely, since the opposition didn't bring ANY psi counter to the table.

She should be able to affect/control Cap, Spider-Man, Batman and Nightwing. Even with 24 hours prep, I doubt any of them can create something that would block her telepathy if Iron Man had trouble doing so.

Prime should be immune to her power, being a robot.

I have no idea about He-Man. I might guess that'd he fair about the same as Thor, i.e. mildly but not fully resistant. (Bear in mind that Thor was able to resist her power while insane with anger though, and that was when she had the Mind Gem.)

I think Superman would be pretty resistant. He proved more resistant to Despero's telepathy than any of his JLA teammates, including Batman, J'onn and Hal, who were all possessed by Despero. He's also proved largely resistant to Jericho's powers (particularly the second time that Jericho tried to possess him), and in one instance, he resisted the output of a device that was able to mind-control every other hero on DC Earth. Max Lord was able to mind-control Superman, but he said it took years of preparation to pull that off. And Eclipso was only able to control Superman by convincing him to voluntarily surrender.

I don't think even the likes of Thor and Cap have as impressive a resume as Superman when it comes to resisting mind-control. And Superman benefits from coming to this fight with advance warning of Moondragon's powers, giving him time to prepare himself mentally. It's a judgment call, I admit, but I think it's reasonable to say that Superman could resist her long enough to take her out. And Crippy's team also has Prime as a secondary option. One direct hit from either, and she'd be out of play.

It's not even totally out of the question that Batman or Nightwing could take her out, because although they wouldn't be able to resist her telepathy, she mostly only uses her power on people in her line of sight, and those two are stealthy types operating on their home turf here. They could even prep something like flash-bangs, which could disrupt her concentration.

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