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Subj: Re: How powerful do you rate the Silver Surfer?
Posted: Thu Sep 14, 2017 at 10:05:58 am EDT (Viewed 169 times)
Reply Subj: Re: How powerful do you rate the Silver Surfer?
Posted: Thu Sep 14, 2017 at 09:10:58 am EDT (Viewed 188 times)


      He didn't sense anything. He already knew that Gladiator has a weakness to a certain radiation.
    And how did Surfer learn the weakness? He didn't comb through a library. He sensed it. It's part of his power set to sense energy and energy signatures. Just like he did with Gladiator, he can do with Superman.

It's not a particularly well hidden secret. Skrulls have the knowledge of it as well.

There is no indication that Surfer tried to sense his weakness. He just knew it already.


      Its highly unlikely that Surfer would try to use weakness exploitation when he has never done that.

    Like the times he's drained the Hulk?

        Quasar was draining Surfer, he was just too powerful to fully drain.

    That still goes counter to the Ego example. Quasar can drain Ego but not Surfer? Comic writers aren't always that consistent.

Well Quasar had help from Reed's device. Surfer failed with the device too.

Quasar has drained a watcher too BTW.


      Kyle containing an entropic singularity which was going to destroy entire solar system is much more impressive than Surfer creating one. A random darkstar and a GL clashing created a black hole as well.


        We are talking about energy manipulation and GL ring is unparalleled in doing so. Hence why even Thanos said that only Kyle's ring can channel the power of Oa enough to destroy both DC and marvel universes.


          Kyle recreated a planet out of debris to imprison Traitor.

        You can name all the one-off feats you want and ignore all the low showings of GLs, but when it comes down to the direct head-to-head showing that matters most, this is what happened, the Silver Surfer cleanly beat Green Lantern:


These are not one off showings. They have a history of it as I just shown.

Yes, and Storm defeated Wonder Woman and Wolverine defeated Lobo. Fan voted fights were ridiculous like that.

And you'll notice even there Surfer didn't manipulate Oan energy.

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