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Not sure what's happened to LGDB, but I thought I'd do the vote count from the quarter-final matches so we can make some progress while he's away. I've listed all the votes from those matches below; feel free to double-check the numbers.

So far as I know, Joe Fixit hasn't claimed any Spoils of War for his first team yet, and still has three points banked for his second team, so he's free to spend those points now, or bank some/all of them for the next round. Neph and I are done with our Spoils.

I'm unclear on whether we're allowed to reassign our existing items again, as we were in the previous round. We should probably park that issue for the time being, till we get Joe's Spoils of War out of the way.

Bracket A: Joe Fixit (2) VS Rehzon

Votes for Joe Fixit (2): The Nephilim, MysteryMan, Happy Hogan, Ragnarok
Votes for Rehzon*: Knight, The Shuruku Demon, Thorion

Joe Fixit (2) wins 4-3

*1stVanguard and motifian also voted for Rehzon, but they did so after the September 1st deadline LGDB set.

Bracket B: The Nephilim VS Ragnarok

Votes for The Nephilim: Rehzon, MysteryMan, The Shuruku Demon, Joe Fixit, Thorion
Votes for Ragnarok:

The Nephilim wins 5-0

Bracket A: Knight VS Shuruku Demon

Votes for Knight: Joe Fixit
Votes for The Shuruku Demon: MysteryMan, Bk Ray, The Nephilim, Ragnarok

The Shuruku Demon wins 4-1

Bracket B: Joe Fixit (1) VS Exes (2)

Votes for Joe Fixit (1): MysteryMan, Knight, Ragnarok
Votes for Exes (2): Rehzon, Thorion

Joe Fixit (1) wins 3-2

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