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    This is what I'm looking at right now, but before I finalize, are we allowed to shuffle items around?

I sent LGDB a PM 2-3 weeks ago asking whether we could or not, but he apparently hasn't visited the board since then. In his absence, I think the best way to go is for you, Neph and I (as the remaining participants) to decide this amongst ourselves. So if you want to change a few things, I'm happy to go with that.

    In addition to the T-Spheres and Ebony Blade, I'll also give Dark Claw a Legion Flight Ring --3, Brainiac 5's Forcefield belt--7, Gingold Vile--4 and a Star Fleet Phaser--1.

All good. Nephilim hasn't responded yet, so let's allow until Sunday Night 21:00 EST for all three of us to finalise our set-ups. I'll then look to post the semi-final matches the following evening, or shortly after that, depending on any circumstances that come up between now and then. The match-ups are already set, since there are only two teams left in each bracket. I just need to find someone neutral to determine the battlefields. I'll try sending Ragnarok a PM, or maybe Bootch if Rags isn't around.

...finally vote on that last round, but I'm on to him!

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