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Subj: Yeah, I wasn't sure after reading the first response,
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Reply Subj: Re: so, 1963 Iron Man has to be in that era armor I assume...
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    If by incarnation you mean Tony Stark is Iron man, but at a 'typical' Iron Man level (since at least the early 70's, every armor upgrade looks impressive initially, but still seems to be one step below top tiers across the board) or if you mean incarnation being that particular set of armor.

I meant when you think of Iron Man in general, this is the Iron Man you're thinking of. In other words, not Tony in his first armor.

    When I'm considering Hank Pym, I'm considering him as Ant Man only, before he started growing enough to call himself Giant he loses to Sam, and that armor of starks loses to Vision,

    Meaning 2017 wins...if you're thinking Pym is more likely to use growing and shrinking effectively AND that Iron Man functions about like his armor did through the 80's and 90's, it probably tilts the other way.

Right, so by my rules, the original team wins given your statements.

because each suit could be an incarnation...but yeah, I give that one to the originals...