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Subj: Touchè Sir - i like these. Here is my Marvel team
Posted: Wed Oct 04, 2017 at 07:07:32 am EDT (Viewed 118 times)
Reply Subj: To combat Bargargin's cabal - what 13 characters would you have?
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    Same again, Marvel list, DC list and a multiverse list.

    Nothing above teambuster.


    Captain America - you need a strategist and inspiration.
    Mr Fantastic - biggest brain in the MU.
    Invisible Woman - you have Reed, you need Sue.
    Iron Man (the two above provide power and the 'trinity' of the Avengers).
    Silver Surfer
    Dr Strange
    Rachel Summers - as baby Phoenix
    Adam Warlock

    Wonder Woman
    The Flash
    Dr Fate
    Captain Marvel
    Green Lantern: Hal
    Flash: Wally
    Big Barda
    Mister Miracle
    Power Girl
    Rip Hunter

    Still working on it

Touche sir! Lol


Cap - tactics and iconic leadership - also brings SHIELD resources with him.

Thor - powerhouse - and can bring the Asgardian cavalry.

Iron Man - tech and smarts - and a battalion or Iron Man armor drones.

Nova (Rich) - space faring and the Worldmind - he could also bring an platoon of Nova Corps.

Silver Surfer - just an absolute powerhouse - especially in space against armies.

Doc Strange - the top magic guy in Marvel. Leadership and offers dimensional travel if needed.

Captain Marvel - Carol has become a top notch powerhouse as of late and has great leadership skills - could bring her Alpha Flight space team and soldiers as well.

Black Panther - great stealth and fighter - but also bag of tricks guy - tactics, tech and a well trained and well armed nation behind him.

Hulk - weapon of mass destruction. Point him in the right direction and most enemies are done or weakened enough for his teammates to bring their forces. Banner also bring a high level scientist.

Reed Richards - tech master extraordinaire - also can bring his FF family with him when necesaary.

Professor X - world class telepath - access to alien Shi'ar tech - and an army of mutants behind him if needed.

Black Bolt - powerhouse with a nuke for a voice. Leadership and tactics - and an army of Inhumans and advanced tech.

Ikaris - a powerhouse who can keep up with some of the top tier guys - leadership skills - advanced tech - and can bring an army of immortal and near unkillable Eternals with him if needed.