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    I find it difficult to get a true reading of the High Evolutionary's power. He somewhat evenly fought Apocalypse during the Evolutionary War, but at the same time said he could fight Uatu if he had to. He fought a hungry Galactus, but didn't do very well. He was also overpowered by an semi-resurrected Forsung. During Annihilation Conquest, it was suggested by Moondragon that Quantum Bands are nowhere near enough to fight the High Evolutionary.

    He's also had some low showings. The Man-Beast has given him trouble, and in one instance slashed his throat. He seems to skyrocket and wane in power depending on his state of evolution.

    That said, he has what appears to be the best man-made armor in the Marvel Universe, which can reconstitute his body using stored DNA data, evolve him to near-godlike status, de-evolve beings, grants him a measure of super-strength. He laid out the Grey Hulk pretty easily, IIRC.

    If there anyone that can match his armor, and on what level do you place the High Evolutionary?

The thing about the High Evolutionary is that he doesn't make sense. The only thing consistent about the High Evolutionary is how utterly inconsistent he is. There's no way to form a baseline really.

Herb gets trotted out when they need a character to do something weird and illogical as a filler issue until the writers tell a story with a better villain the next issue. Sometimes they will bring him in to do something that directly contradicts one of his earlier stances. He'll clone Thor for example and then tell Spider-Man he tried to sabotage the Jackal because he's opposed to cloning.

He also seems to be connected to waaaaaaayyy too many characters in the MU. The Jackal, Mr. Sinister, Warlock, the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, Spider-Woman (Or did that get retconned out?), Man Beast, Exodus, and I'm sure that there are more that I'm forgetting. Whenever he shows up, there is most likely going to be some kind of retcon on it's way.

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