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Subj: Re: Going to agree with Motifan, to a degree
Posted: Sun Dec 31, 2017 at 04:45:47 pm EST (Viewed 192 times)
Reply Subj: Re: Going to agree with Motifan, to a degree
Posted: Sun Dec 31, 2017 at 01:39:49 pm EST (Viewed 186 times)


      In the context of those panels (obviously we may learn more later) it seems to clearly compare the heroes naturally growing weaker with time to Thanos growing in power. Not only does it not mention an outside power, it directly compares the decline of the heroes in time to Thanos. It implies the same gradual increase/decrease as well. Showing Thanos first beating lower level heroes, and then higher level.


        Based on what we see there, the comic merely states Thanos grew in his power over time, whereas the heroes weakened. I also think it is not accidental they compare Thanos to a cancer. Which will also spread naturally over time.

    What's questionable isn't whether Thanos got more powerful than the heroes. What's questionable is whether Thanos got more powerful solely through his own power than the Living Tribunal. That is what motifian is asserting.

No, you're trying to define my argument for me and set it up as a straw man. I am specifically referencing the page he most recently linked where Thanos is shown to defeat the heroes of earth, Thor, and Hulk. I believe that page shows with reasonable reading that Thanos accomplished those feats under his own power - which increased over time as the heroes aged.

"So as the earth's heroes and champions wilted, old and weak, around him... Thanos only grew stronger". This statement is subsequent to Death abandoning him. Thanos cannot die, so as he ages he is growing in power rather than 'wilting'.

As for the pages of him with the LT, I would say we have insuffient information to interpret those pages. But we DO see him use BB as a weapon. That implies to me that Thanos has been using intellect and trickery to outmaneuver his opponents, rather than some Infinity Gauntlet level weapon (or through his own power ascending to that level through time). If Thanos has ultimate power, it seems an odd choice to haul out BB and stab him to take out celestials. I assume Thanos defeated the LT and others in a similar manner, by exploiting plans against them.

Nothing in those pages suggest Thanos has ascended to LT levels of power, either on his own or with outside help.


      I think the alternate future is helpful to see what could happen, but not necessarily what will happen. Certainly I would not take any feats in a "What If" volume seriously. So just because Thanos might grow a beard, I do not assume he must grow a beard. However, I would now assume he CAN grow a beard.


        So if Thanos does naturally grow in power in this comic, then I think it is fair to accept that as part of his power set, whether or not the future occurs.

    You can't have it both ways. Either the alternate future establishes canon and gives Thanos the power to beat the Living Tribunal on his own AND forces you to say that whatever happens in a What If? story can also happen in continuity or it doesn't. Battleboard discussions are about power levels and abilities. There is no difference between "can" and "is".

Again, you're trying to define my argument and then argue against how you've defined it.

All I have said is that if Thanos is shown in an alternate future to GROW in power as he ages - then that is canon for his powerset. It does not mean it will happen the same way (perhaps he ends up dying, or ascending to godhood with a cosmic cube, etc). But alternate futures still deal with the same actors. They may not always perform the same plays.

As I said. If alternate reality Thanos grows a beard. I now view it as canon that Thanos will grow a beard given enough time. Even if his alternate future is UNDONE and never happens, Thanos as a character is still the same, and is still CAPABLE of growing a beard. Whether he does or not is a separate issue.

You're trying to extend my position to an absurd conclusion. I am stating a very narrow interpretation of what we've seen so far.

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