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In overall combat effectiveness, how would you rank the main Eternals?


Sersi clearly has the most and probably highest showings, but she's also presented as less combat savvy than Gilgamesh and Thena. Does that make a difference in their overall effectiveness? Does Ikaris having had Eternal leadership roles change how effective he is in relation to the other Eternals? Is Makkari's speed sufficient to offset his being weaker in other Eternal powers?

And how do they do fighting Jack Kirby's similar creations?

Gilgamesh, Ikaris, Makkari, Sersi, Thena vs. Orion, Lightray, Forager, Big Barda, Mr. Miracle

I think Gaiman had Thena fighting Gilgamesh in very impressive fashion...her more recent showings put her very high in combat effectiveness

As shown,

Sersi is still probably highest due to her best showings and the difficulty in dealing with transmutation. She isn't going to swordfight you that effectively, but when she can change even people with high resistance into a powerless human, or an aardvark, its kind of absurd. She also has the best psi showings of those listed, and if she's less powerful than Prof. X and his tier its not by much, and that is in psi only, not overall.

Gilgamesh probably gets #2 overall despite the more recent showing by Thena, but I could be wrong. He's the strongest and most durable, and in his Avengers run seemed every bit Thor's equal...though in the earlier showing where he was amped by Celestials, he still lost to Thor, but it was a good fight.

At one point, I would have put Ike as next, but Thena gets the nod here IMO. She's not as strong and durable as Ikaris, but I think she's a better fighter, likely has better psi, and certainly has the best EP.

Ikaris is only listed as class 40 I think, but was listed at the same time Firelord was listed at 50, and I think he's more in the mid tier strongman ballpark, and Ike and Firelord are both in the Thing ballpark IMO. I used to consider Ike the best 'all arounder', in addition to being the best flyer...second in strength to Gilgamesh, second to Thena in EP, etc. He notes he's not as strong as Thor or Forgotten one, but that the difference is that between 'mighty mammoths'...and I think he's overall a peer to Firelord.

Makkari is tough to guage, but I put him next. He was actually listed at a full class 50 in the OHOTMU IIRC, above Ikaris, but functionally has never seeemed above Ikaris. He supposedly got all his powers back after Sprite messed with all the eternals, but I'm not sure if he's able to move at the speeds he was able to hit when he lost most of them. If he CAN still move and react at his highest speeds, he should be higher on this list, but I doubt if he'll be written as such.

Ajak has some pretty good showings, but he's not on the level of the above, except maybe Makkari. Gil, Thena, Ikaris, and Sersi can operate on the low herald level (or above that in some cases), but IMO these guys aren't on that level, but are still very powerful in their own right.

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