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Subj: Re: So, I See That People still Don't Seem To Understand Free Speech And What Free Speech Means. Kathy Griffin And Bill Maher.
Posted: Thu Jun 08, 2017 at 09:54:49 am EDT (Viewed 236 times)
Reply Subj: So, I See That People still Don't Seem To Understand Free Speech And What Free Speech Means. Kathy Griffin And Bill Maher.
Posted: Wed Jun 07, 2017 at 05:44:25 pm EDT (Viewed 334 times)

    I'm so used to putting spoilers in my posts, that I almost did this time as well. Lol. But this pertains to the recent controversies regarding Kathy Griffin and Bill Maher. As many of us know, the two of them have taken quite a lot of flack regarding some choice words that the two of them have said. And they got in trouble for it, and you have people coming out of the woodwork saying that this is a threat to free speech, or what about free speech? First of all, I agree that our culture has become too PC, and I hate it. I really don't have a problem with what Bill Maher said, especially since it's a joke. Bill and I are on opposite sides politically, but I still like him and watch the show. But people were uncomfortable with it, and he suffered some backlash. Fine! That is not a free speech issue, that's just other people using THEIR own Free Speech back.

    The Kathy Griffin thing was different, as that's not really SPEECH, per se! Now I hate Trump too, and I hope that he gets impeached. But it was still a stupid and inappropriate thing to do. There's a BIIIIIG difference between making fun of Trump (Stephen Colbert.), or insulting and mocking him (Robert De Niro.), and what she did. It's not just pertaining to the President, it would pertain to ANY person! So she's suffering the consequences for that, as she should. And she got fired from her job at CNN and a few other gigs (I believe.). But of course there are some people out there who are saying that free speech is under attack, and that this is a Free Speech issue. Businesses also have freedom of ASSOCIATION, as do most employers. That means that they can disassociate from paying someone whose views they don't care for, or who will cause them negative publicity. It's really not to difficult to understand, but for some reason, everytime something like this happens (I remember this happening with Dr. Laura, I believe.), you have the usual ignorant people come out and do this. Sigh!

I disagree some. And it really is a matter of how far one wants to take the first amendment. Many of those complaining about the later case now were happy to ignore some pretty bad images against Obama in the past. That does not make it ok, just hypocritical. I disliked what Griffin did but that does not make it against free speech.

Whatever art or whatever she wants to call what she was doing would be protected. Hate speech itself is protected. Unless it insights violence (which is hard to draw the line at times).

I think what we lose track of is what the First Amendment means. It is protection of speech (and other things) from government censorship. That means the government cannot retaliate to hearing things that they do not like. People are allowed to object and object in the worst way. It would not stop a secret service visit if somebody does something though for questioning etc.

The other things we lose track of is that people have a right to free speech in the sense of freedom of governmental reproach in the majority of cases. They also have the right to the backlash their speech would cause.

Politically, one side is always ignoring one or the other at their convenience.

On the aside, Trump will never be impeached with his party in both houses of Congress. Not just him, but historically the party of the president in power will defend. There would need to be something pretty obvious. Even with the latest obstruction of justice allegations. Even if they would or would not stand in a court the president has to be politically removed. So it is arbitrary.

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