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Subj: Re: The Left hits back
Posted: Mon Jun 12, 2017 at 04:02:45 pm EDT (Viewed 265 times)
Reply Subj: The Left hits back
Posted: Sun Jun 11, 2017 at 04:41:55 am EDT (Viewed 248 times)

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      Highlight of the night for me was seeing the smile knocked off Nicola Sturgeon's face. Especially with Alex Salmond losing his seat. Very satisfying.

    Oh yes! I forgot all about that, pretty much the only silver lining round the whole cloud! Hopefully, that'll shut the SNP up about "Indy Ref 2" now maybe for a month or three. As I suspect that is what lost them over a 1/3 of their seats.


      I blame her advisors, and the ones who wrote the manifesto.

      Announcing policies like the 'dementia tax' (It's not a tax, it's paying for your own care, and it's a better system than the one that's in place), means testing for winter fuel payments for pensioners and school meals for children in the weeks leading up to the election was disastrous. They all leave the poorest better off, but they were all policies that could be easily twisted by the left into soundbites guaranteed to enrage people and shore up Corbyn's position as 'for the many, not the few.'. For example asking people to use their assets to pay for their old age care was immediately seized on and twisted into the so-called 'dementia tax'.

      May's advisors should be shot.

      To top it off, Corbyn simply played the whole campaign game much better than May did. Not participating in the leaders' debates was a huge mistake on May's part. And on top of that, she campaigned - and rightly so - in marginal seats where the Conservatives desperately needed to win, but that meant the media coverage was mostly of her talking rather earnestly to a few workers in a factory.

      Corbyn generally stuck to popping up in Labour strongholds, so the coverage of him was quite different. Walking down streets with people cheering him, all smiles, handshakes and pats on the back. His team made him LOOK like a winner right from the get go.

    These are excellent points really, May looked very weak in this election its almost like their team wasn't even trying. Corbyn looked better and this showed. Thankfully, we dodged electing Comrade Corbyn this time. We might not be so fortunate next time.

Look, May called this election, because they were so far ahead she thought she could win without showcasing her limitations (being charismatic, thinking on her feet, being able to debate). As she was selling herself as a negotiator, it was imperative she wouldn't be beaten in public by the superior debater, Corbyn.

She has been led too heavily by her Chief of Staffs and refused to allow her more personable ministers, Johnson etc to engage.

She may have travelled to other sites, but she sure avoided the people, she stopped off in my city unannounced and left after 5 minutes.

It was clear, she was ducking Corbyn. Based on that, I can't say she is a good negotiator. That cost her.

She will no longer be able to get tough legislation through.

The age of austerity has finished.

Comrade Corbyn can argue a post out of the ground I'll give him that. But when asked the questions, to put figures to his outlandish spending spree plans, he couldn't answer because he didn't have a clue.

That is worrying that people are prepared to vote for a guy who has no knowledge at all, of what its going to cost in his spending and yet wants to raise taxes and cap wages. That doesn't make any sense! If you earn more, you pay more, why cap wages? Its a total contradiction in terms.

So the "well off" can "pay a little more" well, why not? Lets just anybody who has any of our own money put our hands deeper into our pockets and have less of our own money, and then let Comrade Corbyn spend it for us with him in charge the "well off" will cease to exist just like it did before with the last labour government. So finance companies can make more money because we all need to borrow money to get the things we want, the top earners are capped with a "maximum wage" We lose about 2 million tax payers because he wants to give N-Ireland back to the south! Who does he think he is? Gladstone?

Who owns a car in the UK? Most people. Not Comrade Corbyn. He owns two bikes. I dread to think, what is in store for the motorist if the unthinkable happens and he becomes PM. Its going to suck to own a car more than it already does, both in terms of buying these overpriced machines and running them.

I won't even start on his links with Sinn Fein and the IRA That is another rant entirely...

The age of austerity is finished, and we'll get a different darker age again. The last time Labour was in government we ended up in a "Credit Crunch" That is a very polite and bullshit way of saying "Recession" which is actually what happened and cost me my job as firms and small businesses went belly up across the country. And when we were in said recession we couldn't even use our gold reserves to help, because, low and behold... Labour sold more than half of them at a time when gold was at its cheapest in decades! And then to add insult to injury all the banks and other big businesses had to be bailed out to stop them going under!

Corbyn's Britain; The place where only suckers work hard.

Both he and May need to step aside, neither are suitable. Also the BBC needs to purge all its Labour party supporting biased staff and get some actual neutral people there. "Great success" my oversized foot! He came runner up in a two horse race like Ancient One said, both of those power hungry fossils need to go. ESPECIALLY Corbyn because he is just dangerous.

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