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Subj: Re: A brand new world
Posted: Thu Sep 07, 2017 at 03:28:22 am EDT (Viewed 216 times)
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Posted: Tue Sep 05, 2017 at 02:41:43 pm EDT (Viewed 337 times)

    A Q-like being visits you and tells you that in exactly one day, a gamma ray burst will hit Earth and make it completely uninhabitable to life. This being gives you the option (read: you can choose to stay and die) to permanently relocate to any fictional world of your choice: i.e. Middle-Earth, Star Trek Earth, Coruscant, DC's Earth, Marvel's Asgard ... it doesn't matter; you can go to a world where humans are known, or one where we're completely alien and unknown. You can bring any number of family/friends with you, with the caveat that each of you will only and forever be regular humans, and must initially assume a similar social class in the new world as the one you lived on Earth. You can grow in class, assuming this is allowed by said world's society.

    Assuming that communicating with the new world's inhabitants won't be a barrier, which world would you choose? And why?

Assuming I don't gain knowledge. A 21st century Engineer isn't going to cut it in Star Treks world...I would likely...

1) Find a healthy wonderful Gaia world and we could set about repopulating it/hopefully not ruining it this time

2) One with advanced technology that no one understands anymore and is just taken care of, so we could become the new tech lords and revitalize the lost knowledge through reverse engineering.