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Posted: Sat Sep 23, 2017 at 11:54:24 am EDT (Viewed 132 times)
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    Agreed. Frankly, if China wasn't a player here, the USA would already have invaded North Korea. It is actually possible that North Korea could hit a United States protectorate like Guam with a nuclear weapon. People who are born in Guam are United States citizens by birth. The situation has reached intolerable proportions.

Why is this intolerable? We lived with the Soviet Union's far greater nuclear arsenal for decades. North Korea knows that any nuclear attack from them means their own nuclear annihilation. What would be intolerable is if they gave a nuclear weapon to a terrorist group to use on the U.S., but again, if that was uncovered, North Korea would be obliterated. This latter scenario is much more likely to happen in Pakistan and few people are talking about that.

    Yet we can't lift a finger without China's concurrence. Unless and until a nuclear weapon gets fired in Guam's direction and actually explodes. From that moment on, China or no China, the USA will be in a shooting war with North Korea, which will last maybe a week, and only because the USA will be trying to minimize civilian casualties, which of course North Korea won't care about at all, despite the fact that those casualties will be North Koreans.

The casualties we have to care about is Seoul, a city of 10 million people, only 35 miles from the border with North Korea.

Even at its worst, Russia wasn't close to being as insane as Kim.