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Subj: Anything can lead to an impeachment...
Posted: Mon Jan 29, 2018 at 09:15:10 am EST (Viewed 281 times)
Reply Subj: Is There Really A Reason That Trump Hasn't Been Impeached Yet? Obama
Posted: Sun Jan 28, 2018 at 01:49:40 pm EST (Viewed 336 times)

    It looks like it might happen in the future, but how has it not happened by this point? I realize that it's very difficult to impeach a President, but after his whole Tweet (Can that lead to an Impeachment?) about Obama wiretapping his phones, couldn't that have done it? Can Obama file a suit against him or something? I'm really not sure how something hasn't happened, or how Trump hasn't had to testify about something at this point. And how can Trump fire the person who is investigating him at this time? Something seems really off about this.

depending on what Congress decides. It is a political action, not a legal one. Which is the issue with all of this.

The Constitution describes "High crimes and misdemeanors" but what that means is up to Congress and what they think. And that has classically broken down to is your party in power or not. Or similarly is it bad enough to peal away the moderates from your own party too?

As such, breaking a law is probably the easiest way of getting Congress to figure out if it is needed. And that can be supported by evidence in whatever form, tweets or whatever else, but it does not matter if Congress lacks the will to do anything about it.

The president is protected from most civil crimes, maybe I am getting that backwards, and in many respects cannot get indicted. However, if he did something pretty bad than Congress would be in the right to remove him and then have him face those accusations.

There has classically been good cause to do things this way. Otherwise the president would probably be gone after all of the time. And he needs to do his job. However, we are in uncharted areas. I imagine that an Amendment should be passed at the least to hold the president to ethical norms that other elected federal officials are held too.

And yes, it is stupid that you can fire the people investigating you. He did it to Comey already. He cannot fire Mueller directly. But he could fire his boss and the new guy could try and fire him. The way around that is to have Congress put a special prosecutor in play. They are removed from the president.

If anything, this is showing what happens when you put a guy totally umoored from moral or ethical norms into power. That is not even saying anything about policy positions but the sheer corruption at every level of the federal government at the moment seems to be a point of pride for Trump.

It should scare everybody that he just wants to put loyalists into every position instead of the people most qualified to do the job they were appointed too. Even in the courts, he has had the ABA outright say a fair number of his appointees are unqualified and it does not make them change their mind at all. One guy had never tried a case in his life.

Be you liberal, conservative, libertarian, socialist or whatever numerous other ideologies. This guy should scare you. Even if you are getting things you sort of want you are pretty much saying the means justify the ends in all situations. And that is dangerous.

Look Raist bunnies...
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