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Subj: Re: What would have happened if Hitler won the war? (edited for some cut and paste errors)
Posted: Tue Feb 13, 2018 at 01:05:33 pm EST (Viewed 241 times)
Reply Subj: What would have happened if Hitler won the war?
Posted: Mon Feb 12, 2018 at 05:57:03 pm EST (Viewed 315 times)

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I assume for that to have happened, the most likely conditions would have been:

The UK entered into a coalition with the Axis powers.

The USA agreed to a non aggression pact. Japan didn't attack Pearl Harbour.

Russia was fought back and whilst not conquered, was in a state of cold war with Europa.

How different would the world look today?

I'm no expert on things this complex. But I'll take a crack at it.

For the Nazis to have won the war, they would have had to either conquer or form an alliance with North America and Russia. If they were smart, they would form an alliance with Stalin and have had a protracted war against the US. The real-world post-World War rise of the United States was largely due to the fact that they had more money (and had less rebuilding to do) than Europe. It was also due to having access to nuclear weapons. So if the Nazis had won the war, it's likely that the United States would not have been allowed to become a world power, meaning the Nazis would have had to destabilize the US economy, either through war or by preventing the US to develop nuclear weapons. The result of all of this would be a United States that is no more powerful in the world than, say, Canada or Australia.

And without a powerful nation in North Ameria, it's likely the Soviets would expand into Alaska and Canada.

I imagine Europe (excluding the USSR) would simply be called Germany.

The UK, if allowed to still exist, would be a puppet nation under the Nazi regime. If what they say about the Duke of Windsor is true, then it's likely that the Nazi's would have dethroned and killed King George VI and reinstated King Edward VIII, along with Queen Wallace Simpson (ugh). Since Edward and Wallace had no children, I suppose the throne would have eventually moved to Elizabeth, provided she agreed to toe the Nazi line. If she refused (and I like to think she would), then Margaret may have been offered the throne. And the Prime Minister would always be a Nazi-approved puppet.

Certainly Japan would be a Juggernaut in the world, moreso than they are today.

It's hard to predict what would happen to the USSR. Stalin and Hilter had a lot in common, but they were on opposite sides of the political spectrum (communism vs. fascism). If they formed an alliance, Hitler would eventually have to break the alliance and try to bring Russia under his control - provided the Soviets didn't break the alliance first. This situation is a powder keg.

Similarly, China would be on the Reich's eventual hit list. Communism in general would be antithetical to the Reich. We would probably have had a cold war between China and Germany.

The 1919 Paris accords would not have happened, so a lot of the modern conflicts that arose from those accords (the war in the Baltics, the trouble in the middle-east, for example) wouldn't have happened. Israeal would never have been formed. Jews would likely have had to flee to South America or Australia to survive. The Middle East and Northern Africa may have become a unified Muslim nation, for all we know. Although the Nazis would probably need to adopt the western policy of destabilizing this part of the world to bring oil prices under their control.

Human Rights would certainly be in a considerably worse state than they are today.

I like to think that the tyrants eventually fall. After Hiltler's death, there would have been a less charismatic successor who would probably struggle to hold the entire Reich together. Inevitably they would lose some of the outer territories. You would probably see the Nazis retaliate with some sort of scorched earth tactic against a nation that had won its freedom, and that would galvanize nearly every former nation to rebel.

Like the Cold War with the USSR, I see this regime lasting a few decades before collapsing under the weight of its own oppression. I would give them until the 90s before it all fell apart. So what would the world look like in 2018? I have no idea. It's far to complex a situation to forecast.

And a lean, silent figure slowly fades into the gathering darkness, aware at last that in this world, with great power there must also come -- great responsibility!
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