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Subj: That Sounds Good, But
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Reply Subj: Ultimates2 #6 (MAJOR SPOILERS)
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In Ultimates2 #6, Al Ewing gives us the origin of the First Firmament and as such, gives us the earliest events in the Marvel Universe, that is, 8 universes/multiverses ago. The First Firmament is the abstract entity representing the very first universe. The first living things worshipped the First Firmament and were called Aspirants. Among the Aspirants were the first Celestials, who rebelled and ultimately defeated the Aspirants and the First Firmament, who was shattered into pieces, but it survived and fled into the void. The Celestials then created the first multiverse, which has died and been reborn several times since. During the death of the seventh iteration and its rebirth, the First Firmament took advantage of the multiverse Eternity being in a weakened state and chained it. It then corrupted Master Order leading to the creation of Logos.

Ewing is certainly a continuity nut in reiterating the Celestials creating the multiverse from what is probably a forgotten X-Men story. Then he introduces the Psi-Force and accompanying Psi-Hawk entity and subtly links it to Chthon without mentioning Chthon by name. We get to see the Ultimates and the Troubleshooters and Galactus take on a surviving Aspirant, which the First Firmament also calls “Astro-Gods” and “Dark Celestials.”

It’s a great issue. My only complaint is that it wraps up too quickly with a shoehorning of America Chavez into her solo series. It’d be better if Marvel didn’t try to reconcile the Ultimates stories with the solo stories of Miss America, Black Panther, and Captain Marvel because they just can’t be. The multiversal threat of the First Firmament would take precedent over everything else happening in the solo series.

What is the Psi-Forcce again? Is that from that old New Universe from the 80's? This sounds good. When is the  trade coming out?