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Subj: Continuity errors bother me...
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Reply Subj: All-New Guardians of the Galaxy #6: Some saps are gonna run...
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All-New Guardians of the Galaxy 006

Good cover and good inside art.

Good stalemate fight and good team bantering.

Finally, Gamora comes clean with the team. Drax doesn't doubt her but doesn't claim the same Soul Stone has a shard of his soul either.

Intro(? or Enter:) Talonar. Good to get new blood in title.

So, are the Nova Corps going to be the Space Cops of Milky Way and Raptors the Space Cops of the Shi'ar Galaxy (with as yet undefined jurisdiction distinction from Imperial Guard)?

So, did Drax take out that last Raptor or did Groot somehow with connecting the wires?

WHOA! A Nega-Band! What was the last story that had these? Was it the same last story with Mar-Vell's corpse? All pre-Incursion, so technically this is their first physical appearance in Universe 8? Is there only the 1 pair? (This comparitively important (&unique?) MU articfact detail was not included with the History of the Kree in this week's Royals #5.)

Believable gut wrenching medical crisis cliffhanger around Rocket. Heartwarming curses by Rocket as Quill took care of him.

THE FLORA are finally named and that subplot finally moves forward some to an unidentified planet locale, led by the still unnamed green thumbed leader thumbed boss where 'some saps are gonna run' - if not die. HEY, what if their leader/grower is THE GARDENER?!

Support Cancer Research and Alzheimer Research.

As far as I recall, Drax never inhabited Soul World. He was killed by Moondragon and simply died.

In the 90s, Drax would be resurrected by Kronos shortly after Thanos came back to life. Drax and Silver Surfer would travel to Soul World once for a short period of time where they met Adam Warlock and Gamora... and that's it. Drax has never spent an extended period of time in the soul gem.

As for the Nega Bands, there are multiple sets. Both Genis and Phylla had their own sets at the same time. There may have been another set floating around during that time... Was Mar-Vell burried with his?