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Subj: Re: This reply contains Spoilers from many of the later episodes.
Posted: Wed Mar 22, 2017 at 12:49:30 pm EDT (Viewed 97 times)
Reply Subj: Re: This reply contains Spoilers from many of the later episodes.
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    I agree, but he had fifteen years of training to help him deal with that. Coleen was far more balanced than Danny, and her training surely couldn't have been more intensive? Davos starts to lose it in one episode and immediately pulls back on it. Could he have really learned his lessons better than Danny? And if he did, why isn't HE the Iron Fist?

I think Davos isn't Iron Fist because he has a sh!tty personality and thinks the world owes him something. As Lei Kung's son he assumed he was in a perfect position to be the Iron Fist and was sorely disappointed that it didn't work out that way and it's eaten away at him ever since.

I would say Davos is probably way more technically proficient in everything than Danny. He probably lived Lei Kung's training every second of his childhood. Danny has heart. For some reason that matters in fiction. I mean in the real world it means nothing. But it's fiction. Danny's probably intuitive and a natural learner who picks things up quick while Davos may have struggled all his life to be as half as good. Davos probably isn't inventive or someone who experiments with new techniques...he goes with what he knows.

    But Danny seemed to fly into uncontrollable rages at the drop of a hat. He makes a big deal out of battle being the only area of his life where he's totally and absolutely focussed. But then he fights the drunken guard, beats him, and at the end of the fight gets so mad he beats him to a bloody pulp. Why? Because he taunted him? He was seriously never trained to deal with taunts from an opponent? No, some of it just didn't make any sense to me.

It was something something Danny thought Gao killed his parents something something he was frazzled. I forget the details. I think Danny's flipping out shows that Davos has a bit of a point. Danny hasn't taken everything he learned to heart. So of course that gives Davos some cred when he feels Danny shouldn't have been the Iron Fist. Of course I think Davos has seething angers issues as well so he really shouldn't be Iron Fist.

If memory serves the later comics seem to forget that Danny did NOT defeat Davos to become the Iron Fist. He beat a guy named Merrin (Iron Fist #2...same issue that introduced Danny's rarely seen sister Miranda and best friend Conal who also was a white guy who grew up in K'un L'un). Wendell beat Davos when Wendell grew up in K'un L'un (a later revision that I don't think was originally intended). The better story is that Danny beat Davos as it gives Davos a great motivation as a villain. But it really didn't happen that way. Merrin was a nobody who never appeared again and Davos inherited Merrin's role in the mythos I think.


      Very much disagree here. I enjoyed the Meachum family scenes, but I don't think they would have been enough on their own to make this an enjoyable series. I think The Hand added a whole lot to the show. I really liked how the Danny, Harold, and Hand storylines were connected, with Harold manipulating Danny. Also, the Hand elements especially added to Colleen's development over the series.

    I hoped they would have followed those early Marvel Premier appearances a little more, with Iron Fist having to 'run the gauntlet' to even get to the Meachums. In the comics, the big reveal was that Harold was a broken man, but here the reveal could have been that he was still alive at all. I'd have loved it if they'd thrown Scythe, Triple Iron and Batroc in there as cameos.

I thought Harold in the show was awful. But since they didn't introduce the Ninja or Master Khan I guess there was no need to stick to the comic route.

    The resurrected, and constantly resurrecting villain is a theme that's been dreadfully overused and frankly I don't think Iron Fist needed to go near that scenario. And the Hand....never cared for them in the comics, and find them even less appealing in live action. I just can't enthuse over a bunch of shadowy, impersonal fighters whose primary function is to serve as cannon fodder. Madame Gau really came into her own in this show, and her mind games were a million times more interesting and fun than another generic ninja attack.

Maybe they should have made Madame Gao the female equivalent of Master Khan. She served that same function more or less.

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