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Subj: Re: Favorite Netflix characters ?
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      Oh and I came around to liking Karen Page when she killed Wesley. She became a pitiful loser in the comics IMO but they gave her some agency in the show. I don't care that she got away with murder. I'd rather her kill a bad guy than be the coke wh*re turned anti porn advocate she was in the comics.

    I started to like the portrayal of Karen when she replaced ben Urich as an investigative journalist at the end of the season 2.

    In my opinion, it was a smart move of the show.

    Instead of making her another sad example of the "woman in refrigerator" (to use the term invented by Simone) or letting her be another clueless "damsel in distress" (like she was at the beginning of the first season), they decided to make the character evolve.

    Interestingly enough, it was her interaction with the Punisher which allowed that.

    Unfortunately, she is yet another female reporter (like Lois Lane, Vicky Vale, Val Cooper ...).

Iris West etc. I don't mind this. She didn't start off as a reporter. She had to learn to be one. The others just sort of start out that way. Karen on the show becoming a reporter was character development rather than her just being the female reporter stock character.

(Val Cooper was a reporter?)

    Still, her relationship with Frank Castle was interesting because it was not based on sex or seduction but mutual (mis)understanding. That was a clever move.

    Actually, I think, now, that she would make a better supporting character for the Punisher series than stay a main character on the DD show.
    (In the 1970s, she became a supporting character of ... Ghost Rider, anyway.)

    Deborah Ann Woll's portrayal of Karen Page in the last episodes of season 2 was interesting. Both the character & the actress seem to have matured at the same time.

Interesting tidbit...I think the actress husband/boyfriend has a condition that slowly turned him blind.

    In my opinion, the character has one weakness so far : I don't see Karen really be infatuated with Matt Murdock, contrary to what Foggy & Frank Castle said on the TV show.

I don't really want her infatuated with Matt. Because that's going to open the door for pathetic Karen from the comics to creep in.

I'm fine with them dating for a bit and then realizing they're just friends. But I don't want her to be Matt's primary love interest. Netflix Karen has her own journey and I'm hoping it's not as Matt's girlfriend that he always lies to. I'd rather they never get serious then sit through that. Maybe if she knew he was Daredevil I might change my mind...but if they're dating and he tells her the truth...I take that as a sign they're committing to the Matt/Karen relationship and there won't be any more love interests for either...or Karen gets killed off once she becomes the primary love interest.

    On the contrary, nothing suggest in the series that Karen & Matt really love each other.

I don't want them to be really. I like the characters separately. Karen was more fun with Frank and Foggie and Matt was more fun with Claire and Elektra.

I'm not saying they can't date...but I really don't want Karen to become Felicity Smoak on Arrow....always crying, always using guilt trips, always made out to be the hero's true soul mate. Karen shouldn't be the love of his life IMO. To me a lot of those early Marvel love interests were never fully formed and didn't last unlike the ones at DC. Pepper Potts, Jane Foster, Karen Page...they didn't really become a forever type of girl like Lois Lane or Iris West.

    The two characters seem to flirt because that's what is written in the script and that's what happened in the comics.

    Obviously, if the character wasn't named "Karen Page", she would have dated Foggy, not Matt.

I thought I wanted her with Foggy in season 1...but now I'd just rather Matt/Karen/Foggy never get into a love triangle. Let Karen date a guy who isn't her boss/friend.

I'd kind of like Foggy to have a horrible love interest like his ex-wife in the comics. Foggy would feel alienated from Matt and Karen and quickly marry this horrible woman that Matt and Karen don't like who is probably up to something illegal.

    I hope that the writers don't plan to kill her in seasons 3 or 4 when, at one time or another, Bullseye will appear.

I don't think they will. Credit to the Netflix show they've made Karen nuanced and I think they would get a lot of flack in the media for killing Karen. They'll probably just kill Elektra again. Or some new love interest. I think it's a law that you have to kill one of Daredevil's girlfriends off every few years but I don't think it will be Karen.