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Subj: Re: Anyone watching the Netflix Punisher series?
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    There were two rather obscure Rambo easter eggs one could reference in the series.

    When the radio broadcasts began as a way to draw Frank out, just like in the first Rambo? Also when Dinah speculated how he received that scar on his shoulder area by being dragged by a plane after attempting to bail out ala Rambo 2.


    However people seem to be a bit too used to the comic stories that basically have Frank in rampage mode blasting away at everything, such stories disregard that this man is a well trained soldier and tactician.

When did they add the bit about him being a soldier into his background in the comics?

On the one hand I think that makes him a richer character but on the other hand I've always feared that helped legitimize his conduct to readers. When he first appeared I think he was presented as a bit of a nut...making him a former soldier makes him seem heroic and not some nut who just lost it after a personal tragedy.

    That is what we had in this season as Frank thinks his revenge is done until Micro shows him proof that it was all part of a larger problem, so Frank again goes to complete his personal mission. But he did it the smart way, he gathered the information and armaments needed, made sure he knew who the right targets were and when it came time for it, the SKULL was back on his vest.

    Love that scene in ep 11 when he steps out of the shadows in full Punisher costume and ready to go in rampage mode at that point.

    Also the first couple of episodes did show that Frank has no qualms taking down criminals that were not ones that killed his family, such as the construction workers and the mob goons at the poker game.

    The way the season ended is OPEN for another, but it would likely involve Frank deciding that he cannot live without a war and that no one should suffer the losses he suffered and THEN he becomes the Punisher full time.

    Also Wilson Fisk remains a threat.

I think he has always been a soldier from day one, but I may be wrong.

At first he was a Vietnam vet then with the sliding timeline he's been retro'd into a Desert Storm/War on Terror vet.

But his skill set is the same, counter terrorism, hand to hand combat, weapons master, ace sniper, etc etc.

As to Punisher being a hero or a nutcase, I've always felt that depends completely on the reader's point of view, much like what they did in Daredevil Season 2. In the show, they showed evidence that Frank may have some "drain bamage" from the bullet to the head he took when his family was killed. DD season 2 even had someone state that he was dead for a full minute before his heart started back up on his own......thus showing will power/determination and perhaps a slight touch of the mystic given that in the 90's he was briefly an agent of heaven (bad story!)

Yet both DD Season 2 and the Punisher series would also indicate that Frank's brain is physically working quite well and that he has mental issues from the war, plus the covert ops work he did plus his family being killed.


"Drain bamaged"?



Or in full possession of his faculties and is simply determined to avenge his family?

Or a combination of the above?

Now on the other hand, in the Punisher series that kid soldier who basically became a new version of the uni-bomber was a walking case of PTSD who just couldn't handle what he did overseas and couldn't adjust back to being a civilian. The comparison between him and the Punisher stops and starts with them being ex-soldiers, but Frank doesn't go around blowing up innocents. he only targets the ones that killed his family and other criminals that may cross his path. The kid however was blowing up anyone and everyone, he was no hero just a tormented soul and a murderer of innocents.

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