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Subj: Just read MERA #1. Did you? (0-Day Replies)
Posted: Fri Mar 02, 2018 at 07:24:36 pm CST (Viewed 302 times)
Reply Subj: MERA #1: That's right "MERA" has a book...
Posted: Tue Feb 27, 2018 at 12:40:28 pm CST (Viewed 359 times)

Mera: Queen of Atlantis #1

Haven't read the Aquaman title for maybe a year now. Excited to hear Mera was getting a title. This wasn't bad per se - but it was disappointing. Too much recap pages/focus on Aquaman, informative though it is, for a premiere about Mera. Aquawoman is in the JL now?!! *whoa* Haven't read the JL title in over a year. They aren't very helpful. Tula is a bodyguard therapist?!! She seems unbelievably more acclimated to surfer life already than Teen Titan Aqualad ever was. Orm is married?!! Okay, he could be a cool 'arch enemy' for the title. Mera's ultimate goal is to pass on royal station and desires to be stay at home in bedroom and kitchen??! That doesn't seem a very topical personality for a new superheroine book. Going to have to get #2 just to better judge this nostalgically likable character. The 0-Day replies at fourchan were entertaining and informative to me - see copypasta below...


    Mera: Queen of Atlantis #1 Storytime Anonymous 02/28/18(Wed)10:29:00 No.98934023

    Anonymous 02/28/18(Wed)10:30:45 No.98934057
    finally her own book

    Anonymous 02/28/18(Wed)10:31:27 No.98934074
    that cover: MOMMY

    Anonymous 02/28/18(Wed)10:33:59 No.98934112
    build a wall around the oceans, keep the filthy Atlantean immigrants out!

    Anonymous 02/28/18(Wed)10:37:18 No.98934168
    As Marvel's America dies DC's comes to take her place

    Anonymous 02/28/18(Wed)10:38:23 No.98934190
    nice covers

    Anonymous 02/28/18(Wed)10:39:25 No.98934205
    except this is actually decent

    Anonymous 02/28/18(Wed)10:45:25 No.98934301
    Read this only because i knew Ocean Master was in the book
    It wasnt bad

    Anonymous 02/28/18(Wed)10:50:29 No.98934376
    >> http://picsee.net/upload/2018-03-03/thumbnail/77bd913fd655.jpg
    Almost looks like her wig came off in first panel

    Anonymous 02/28/18(Wed)10:52:52 No.98934416
    >> http://picsee.net/upload/2018-03-03/thumbnail/3ac185ddc961.jpg
    I wish every other word wasn't bolded

    Anonymous 02/28/18(Wed)10:54:46 No.98934444
    Orm is a cuck

    Anonymous 02/28/18(Wed)11:05:31 No.98934630
    Will Orm pursue redemption and come to his brother and soon to be sister in law's aid?

    Anonymous 02/28/18(Wed)11:13:34 No.98934756
    Perfect time to take the throne, Orm.

    Anonymous 02/28/18(Wed)11:29:52 No.98935025
    If Arthur is gonna be underwater and Mera is hurt, Orm might as well take over.

    Anonymous 02/28/18(Wed)11:45:51 No.98935308
    Mera and ormr sex scene - when ????

    Anonymous 02/28/18(Wed)12:07:11 No.98935643
    >comparing a pre-established character that has 55 years of history and has been an important part not only of aquaman's cast but to DC's lore for most of those years to America who is a Mary-sue shoved in on a whim with no explanation or set up whatsoever.

    Anonymous 02/28/18(Wed)12:10:57 No.98935709▶
    >> http://picsee.net/upload/2018-03-03/thumbnail/3ac185ddc961.jpg
    I think the art in this was pretty good but Mera's face in the second panel is terrible.

    Anonymous 02/28/18(Wed)12:28:43 No.98935988
    Please don't make Orm the villain again DC, let at least one of them stay good

    Anonymous 02/28/18(Wed)12:31:41 No.98936048
    So is this the kid that Orm saved way back in his Forever Evil one-shot?

    Anonymous 02/28/18(Wed)12:35:08 No.98936116
    >> https://i.pinimg.com/236x/a8/0b/04/a80b04c835fa4237fa04f37d629b4e34.jpg
    My waifu
    Anonymous 02/28/18(Wed)12:40:04 No.98936199
    >> https://i.pinimg.com/236x/a8/0b/04/a80b04c835fa4237fa04f37d629b4e34.jpg
    Artgerm at it again.

    Anonymous 02/28/18(Wed)12:44:25 No.98936268
    Mera never asked for this (being ruler of Atlantis).

    Anonymous 02/28/18(Wed)12:48:43 No.98936364
    the lettering makes flicker look like ****er

    Anonymous 02/28/18(Wed)12:51:10 No.98936419
    Aquaman's solo title leads into this book

    Anonymous 02/28/18(Wed)12:52:09 No.98936439
    So much narration . I hope they will tone it down from now on.

    Anonymous 02/28/18(Wed)12:53:52 No.98936471
    Nice. I haven’t been reading Abnett’s run, has Orm not been in it at all?

    Anonymous 02/28/18(Wed)12:56:53 No.98936509
    Please have Orm not be a villain.

    Anonymous 02/28/18(Wed)13:12:53 No.98936804
    >"he's slippery like -- fate"
    oh boy

    Anonymous 02/28/18(Wed)13:16:08 No.98936863
    In today's episode of 'is this a fictional official or not?', we take a look at a blonde US Sec of State, strikingly similar-looking to Hillary Clinton

    Anonymous 02/28/18(Wed)13:35:19 No.98937241
    >>98934023 (OP)
    What happen to Aquaman?

    Anonymous 02/28/18(Wed)13:42:19 No.98937368
    aside from being a blonde white woman that looks absolutely nothing like Clinton

    Anonymous 02/28/18(Wed)13:42:29 No.98937372
    Arthur: Lost the throne, thought dead, was a vigilante in the lower levels of Atlantis where half fish mutants are treated like shit, found Dolphin, staged a coup, saved Mera, Mera is now going to be the new ruler, Arthur is still trying to overthrow Rath

    Anonymous 02/28/18(Wed)14:07:27 No.98937870
    i stopped reading aquaman when Stjepan Šejić left do i need to catch up for this

    Anonymous 02/28/18(Wed)14:10:21 No.98937926
    IT'S NOT FAIR, BROS! Where is my Lady Dorna comic? Where is my Namora solo?

    Anonymous 02/28/18(Wed)14:29:50 No.98938364
    recap, recap, recap
    wow, 3 pages of new stuff in this, amazing.

    Anonymous 02/28/18(Wed)15:43:09 No.98939766
    >Not even waiting for Aquaman Movie Dec. 18 to give Mera a push. Good for DC!

    Anonymous 02/28/18(Wed)16:15:33 No.98940283
    Except they did wait until the movie. They plan it to have the trade be coming out around the same time as the movie.

    Anonymous 02/28/18(Wed)16:21:29 No.98940383
    This. DC actually knows how the bookstore market works.

    Anonymous 02/28/18(Wed)16:44:17 No.98940817
    Orm is going to be King so that Arthur and Mera can live in their lighthouse right? RIGHT?

    Anonymous 02/28/18(Wed)17:33:01 No.98941649
    This. I liked the idea of Orm not being an evil power grabbing asshat

    Anonymous 02/28/18(Wed)18:59:09 No.98943322
    >> https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DAJBOavXYAAor14.jpg

    Anonymous 02/28/18(Wed)19:41:22 No.98944170
    >> https://i.pinimg.com/236x/a8/0b/04/a80b04c835fa4237fa04f37d629b4e34.jpg
    Damn, nice art.

    Anonymous 02/28/18(Wed)19:43:22 No.98944212
    Not a cuck. Orm isn't his father but his wife is not an adulteress, she was just a single mom.

    Anonymous 02/28/18(Wed)19:52:50 No.98944367
    File: SmartSelectImage_2018-03-(...).png (262 KB, 433x386) 262 KB
    >> http://picsee.net/upload/2018-03-03/thumbnail/4866abbb1f98.png
    How did no one notice this????

    Anonymous 02/28/18(Wed)20:07:00 No.98944635
    Too busy looking at her boobs

    Anonymous 02/28/18(Wed)21:13:23 No.98945976▶
    The art is mostly bad anyway.

    Anonymous 02/28/18(Wed)21:21:18 No.98946145
    >>Wounded, and told to stay away from water
    >>stay right on the shore, in the very place enemies would come looking for you
    Good going Mera

    Anonymous 02/28/18(Wed)23:26:27 No.98948481
    Orm has not been in Abnett's run. Last time he was around was johns run and the forever evil 1 shot. Him returning probably means we are getting close to johns seven seas story.

    Anonymous 03/01/18(Thu)04:48:12 No.98952014
    where is tula during the fight isn't she suppose to protect mera while she heals?

    Anonymous 03/01/18(Thu)04:54:31 No.98952037
    >tfw no tula to crush over you while you are shopping at the farmers market
    kill me

    Anonymous 03/01/18(Thu)04:57:44 No.98952050▶
    Bout time Ocean Master came back into the limelight. Now I'm wondering whether he's just using Rath for his own ends to get some secret Atlantis magic tech or if Rath is acting on his own. Someone freed him from prison so it's more than likely Ocean Master who freed him. Would be cool if it was a new villain.

    Anonymous 03/01/18(Thu)09:57:09 No.98954069
    I love Mera. But I feel bummed that she's chained to Aquaman

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