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    Yeah, this is a Civil War II tie-in, and for that reason I was tempted not to buy it, but it's Deadpool and I buy anything of his, so I held my nose to blot out the stink and dove into the Civil War II sewer.

    It all starts out like a normal Deadpool tale. The Mercs for Money are looking for their contracts so they can destroy them and be legally free of Deadpool, who funnels most of their ill-gotten gain to the Avengers, stiffing the Mercs as far as paychecks go. The Mercs bumble and buffonify for a bit, and then the scene shifts to Deadpool, who wants to have a meeting with Ulysses the precog, who apparently is central to the Civil War II so-called story line. Deadpool breaks into Ultimates HQ where Ulysses happens to be holing up, and starts questioning him at gunpoint. Eventually we learn Wade just wants some fortune telling with regard to his daughter, but Ulysses doesn't (apparently can't) do that sort of thing. Deadpool leaves disappointed, but bumps into the Black Panther, and the two fight for eight pages, punctuated by bathroom humor. Deadpool escapes. He then tracks down his Mercs (with unexpected assistance from Ulysses via the high-tech monitors of Ultimates HQ) and, having discerned what they're after, he tosses a bomb into the enclosed room where they happen to be doing their contract-searching. The issue ends without us actually knowing if the bomb explodes.

    All in all, not a bad issue. Since the Mercs have their own series now, I guess the bomb won't kill them. But it was good to see Deadpool being murderous. I would never want a Deadpool who never kills anyone. What would be the point?

Deadpool should kill. Not fond of him killing innocents though.

    I hope Masacre dies. I hate Masacre with every fiber of my being. Every time he speaks Spanish and it isn't translated I want to reach my hand through his chest cavity, bypass his heart, and magically get my fingers around the throat of Gerry Duggan, the malevolent writer who thinks it's funny to aggravate me with dialogue I can't read. But hey, maybe it's healthy for me to flex my hate muscle now and then.

As someone who has had a few years of Spanish and only knows enough to order in a restaurant I don't mind Massacre.

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